The Most Important Things About Photoshop All Beginners Must Know

posted on 5th of november, 2012
>So there I was, staring at my computer monitor and looking at the family picture I had taken hours earlier. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Sis and her boyfriend, my little brother and the dog. In the background was our house, an old mobile home in the trailer park.

The picture was a disaster. Grandma looked like she was wearing a fright wig, lots of hairs standing straight up. Grandpa had a big toothy grin except for the toothy part as he had forgotten to put in his teeth. Mom's teeth were all stained and brown from years of chewing tobacco. "Spot" the dog had red eye. But his name isn’t "spot," I use the term because he's covered with them in the picture.

My sister, her name is Mary, and her boyfriend had tattooed "I LOVE MARY" across his forehead, and that was a piece of work in itself....

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Posted by Egonzitter on November 22, 2012
Nice story !! Best thing for me what helps using photoshop is if i have in idea in mind to manipulate a picture is to use google or youtube.There are hundreds/thousands of examples how to do do it.It costs a lot of time and frustration sometimes but there are always a few useful tips overthere.
Posted by Bowlingranny on November 14, 2012
LOL I enjoyed this so much, even the PS advice.
Posted by Plaincrazy on November 07, 2012
sounds a bit like my learning experience and my life but i quit chewing baccer.

that was great thanks

Comments (14)

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