Exclusive, to be or not to be?

posted on 7th of december, 2012

A member asked me why I became exclusive since I had a very small portfolio. I told her that I made a blind jump. I was selling pictures on XX Photo and XX Stock when I began selling images three months ago. I was thinking just like a lot of people that the more websites you were on, the more chances you had to sell your images. But the other websites took forever to approve my images. So slow that I finally gave them up. XX Photo only allowed me to upload about 14 images a week. Man! I could only upload two images a day. That would take my whole life to build a big portfolio there. Plus, I was not selling more there. And I did not get that many views on my images either. XX Stock was even worse. I guessed my images were not that good! Or they have too many good ones. SX Stock even failed my application after checking my 10 images. And I was allowed to reapply again in a month. Wow! they are really strict.

Now let's talk about the good things of Dreamstime.

Firstly, DT allowed me to submit as many as I wanted for the first two weeks or so. They treated every body very fair at the beginning. Logic, I got a lot a rejections and wasted the unlimited right. But I just felt good for being treated like a real member.

Secondly, DT approved my images much faster than any other websites. I think it happens to every one the same way. So I got chances to expose my images before they got cold. Imagine right now I am still submitting Christmas pictures and they are approved fast, especially for Editorial images, within 3 to 4 days, they are approved and sold!!! Don't you feel good about that? I do! sometimes I submitted some editorial images at night and when I woke up in the morning, they were approved and online! Hey, that is really called DREAMS TIME! It happened when I was dreaming!

Thirdly, DT treats every image online fairly. Every image is on the first level when it is approved. You get a fair shot to be in the front of the pages. Logic, if you don't get sales for a long time, then you can not complain.

Fourthly, DT's Management area is so much better than the other websites. So much easier to use. It functions better too. That is called "good management".

Fifthly, DT's community is the best! You can write, learn and make friends here!

In conclusion, to be exclusive is good for beginners. You can build your portfolio much faster here. You can earn 20 cents per approved image without even selling!!!! That just make you feel good!! You don't get many sales at the first months. That reward is just powerful! That make you feel so much better for your images and work. You don't feel like wasting all the time for nothing. The more images were approved, the bigger revenue you got. That little changes every day just keep me alive. I don't know about you. Maybe you can tell me more! Tell me if I was wrong, please!

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Posted by Jackbluee on December 11, 2012
Thank you very much! You are very helpful!
Posted by Customposterdesigns on December 08, 2012
I just hit 50 this week. DT is very easy to work with. I am considering being exclusive. If another agency charges less for your image, would I be discounting my own work? Just a thought.
Posted by BCritchley on December 08, 2012
No complaints here about being exclusive.

Posted by Miraclemoments on December 08, 2012
I went exclusive as I just don't have the time to upload to all the other agencies as well. DT pays well for exclusive contributors. I am happy here....
Posted by Fainastock02 on December 08, 2012
What you are saying is exactly the same reason why I decided to become a exclusive photographer for Dreamstime. There are some good stock agencies, but some are very slow with approving photo's. Also the personal management of my photos is very annoying. At some agencies a good photo that has been sold many times is not accepted on another site. Also the conditions of DT for becoming a exclusive member are in my opinion very good. You get good payment.
Posted by Clearvista on December 08, 2012
I agree with everything you say about this site. I am sure you will make more sales now you are exclusive. All the best for the future here.
Posted by Lenutaidi on December 08, 2012
To be!
Posted by Midou3 on December 08, 2012
I agree with you in most of the arguments... as an "soft" option to the exclusive member there is a possibility to mark the pictures to be exclusive for this site. It gives me more flexibility for the time being.
Posted by Vincentho on December 08, 2012
Actually, one of the main reasons for me to be exclusive is that I don't want my images to be scattered widely, I simply like micro managing of my own stuff.
Posted by Marianvejcik on December 08, 2012
Well explained exclusive here to DT. I also exclusive. :-)
Posted by M4rio1979 on December 08, 2012
I think your sales will boost up if you go exclusive...you have 425 images online and that is good potential to go exclusive and increase your sales. Just my opinion.
Posted by Gheburaseye on December 07, 2012
I'm exclusive and I think this is a good choise ;)
Posted by Egomezta on December 07, 2012
COngratulations for your desicion, enjoy the benefits of being exclusive.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 07, 2012
DT accepts more variety of images too. It gives you more freedom to take whatever you like. Thank you!
Posted by Chanevy on December 07, 2012
I agree with David. The feedback here is great.
Posted by Davidwatmough on December 07, 2012
A very fair assessment.................... but the feedback from Editors is more valuable than gold if you don't get upset..................... sometimes I disagree but generally just accept their view.

If you examine the current assignment approved images........ you'll probably think some are rubbish not as good as yours........... that's where subjectivity comes into image assessment. David

Comments (16)

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