What type of images sell better?

posted on 10th of december, 2012

I encouraged a friend to joint DT and sell images. She bought a camera. I taught her some photography skills. She asked me what type of images sell better. I did not answer her right away. I am not even sure about it! Then I told her a few days later that images with people sold better. It seems to me, especially beautiful women doing business or buying... Kids playing... sell better. Then when I was just checking online to see what images sell better again (I bet every one do this research sometimes, especially when your sales are slow.), I found every subject was popular.

What types of images sell better? What do you have in mind? What do you do when your sales are bad? Do you always think of what can sell when you go out to take pictures? Are you confused? Were you saying to yourself that this image was going to sell when you were taking it? How do you normally find the subjects? Friends, please help!

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Posted by Jackbluee on December 12, 2012
Thank you! There are no laws here to forbid taking pictures in the stores. It is all up to the store policy. Most places don't care. Bigger stores are normally more comfortable with that, especially when the worker are busy, they don't have time to bother you. I sometimes ask the employees first before taking when I go into a small store. Sometimes, not often, I was told not to do it, after I did some anyway. They normally told me politely. I just needed to stop. So I normally take pictures without getting too much attention! You know, at a corner place and do it fast. Go to malls, they don't care! Go to the stores that have a lot of tourists. Don't forget, you should have tourist eyes all the time, that way you will discover new things. I don't have a tripod. It is impossible to use tripod. They would kick you out! Use a high ISO, 800 or more. Sometimes 400 works. The bigger ISO the more noise though.
Posted by Alexa_adrian2001 on December 12, 2012
nice portfolio indeed, I just want to ask you about images taken in supermarket or of companies labels. Is that allowed in your country to take photos inside a shop? In our city is forbidden. So how do you do? Did you also used a tripod? :D regards
Posted by Egomezta on December 11, 2012
I think everything can be sold. So I try to upload images of evrything as I travel or at my everyday life. You have great images.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 11, 2012
That is a good point. The buyers have to get comfortable with your style! I never thought about that. Thank you!!
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 11, 2012
If you get the pictures right, no matter the subject, they will sell one day. You just have to do the best to get the most spectacular pictures. And it needs time so that the buyers may get comfortable with your style :)
Good luck!
Posted by Jackbluee on December 11, 2012
Your pictures are in fact very nice. They are very sharp clear. I think you just need a bigger portfolio to sell better.
Posted by Henrymm on December 11, 2012
I think generally people image sold well. If we look at Yuri_arcurs's (probably he is the micro-stock guru) portfolio most of them are people images. I try to observe others portfolio and also notice that most downloaded are people images. But there are also several landscape photographers doing very well except me. :D. And food photos also good. These are my two cents opinion.

Posted by Jackbluee on December 10, 2012
Thank you! I love traveling too. I have not had any chance to travel since I started selling 3 months ago. I admire you!
Posted by Erinpackardphotography on December 10, 2012
I think what sells is what you are best at shooting. I travel a lot, and love nature photography, so much of my portfolio is nature and travel, and for the most part, these images sell best. But there are exceptions. In my limited studio photography experience, accepted assignment images seem to sell very well, perhaps because of the increased exposure. Good luck to your friend!
Posted by Jackbluee on December 10, 2012
Very good idea! Thank you!
Posted by Inyrdreams on December 10, 2012
it has been very odd.. but I often thought it was people that sold best.. and my top seller is a soldier in military uniform.. (my son) and my granddaughter with kittens( awww who could resist that?) but im often surprised that I have sold signs at a university, a bun-son burner and flame, a photo of my fancy dinner, animals at the zoo, landscapes, editorials.... so the answer I feel is take photos of what you love and your passion will come through in your work- and it will sell! I have seen some artists on here who sell nothing but illustrations out sell the photographers... and I have seen some travel photographers with NO people and 1000 sales... as well as editorial doing the same. there really is no good answer... but if you are taking photos of things you don't like- then you wont keep doing it or will hate what you shoot. so tell your friend to photograph what they love.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 10, 2012
Thank you! That helps!
Posted by Gheburaseye on December 10, 2012
I don't think there are images that sell better than other! In these four years in dreamstime I saw very strange things in my portfolio and I understand that the secret is make a choice: choose some subject and create them ;)

Comments (13)

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