So What? Just do it!

posted on 19th of december, 2012

Very few photographers can quit their regular jobs and just sell stock images. We all just making little money from here. If you wanted to make a little more money, then you had to work harder. If you had only 200 or 400 images online after 1 year or more, you shouldn't expect to make hundreds of dollars a month. Right? So, upload images to the maximum limits every week. That is what I do. This month is my 4th month selling images, and I have 472 images online now. I submitted my maximum of 70 images per week almost every week. Started in September, I had very few images I could use from the past. You know if you just started taking pictures, you have to take a lot. I made just a few dollars for that month. Then the second month I made nothing. But the third month I made about $75. This month, I will make about $100. I have sales almost every day now. I am happy with that. Don't even worry about what the so called "professional photographers" said that you needed higher quality images or no whine. Just do it!! Every one has a beginning. Every one has good images and "bad" images. Come on! Every one whine sometimes. Are you going to tell your son that you never cry? Are you going to tell you mom that you are a big boy now and no crying? It is all normal! BUT, if you don't work hard, then don't expect the rewards. I could see some members just enjoy taking images and share them with the others. That is fine! You can have whatever amount of images online, doesn't matter. I could see some members have only less than a hundred images online, but expecting very good sales. Please forget about that! No pain no gain!

What is high quality? Look at the picture on the left that I submitted and was accepted for the last assignment. I myself did not consider it good. I mean not on the art side. But so what? that was what I got at that moment. I don't have images from N years ago to choose from, like a lot of members. They picked the best from their stocks. I just started taking pictures a few months ago. I don't even know how to take an image with so beautiful lights like the winner of last assignment. So what? I admire them, but at the same time, I do what I can. Please, you all can do it if you wanted. Don't stop believing! You have very high quality images in your mind, you just need to make and present them!

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Posted by Gordygrk2 on March 02, 2013
Great article...thanks Jackbluee
Posted by Peanutroaster on December 25, 2012
When you are first starting out I'd suggest that you go at a slower rate until you start meeting the quality standards and learn what types of stock images are wanted. After that, if you have a stockpile of desirable images then why not upload to the limit. Anyone uploading at this rate doesn't have time to whine.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 20, 2012
Thank you for your kind words!
Posted by Clearvista on December 20, 2012
Well done Jackbluee. The thing is we all have different capabilities at photography. Of course there will always be some naturally better than others. It is the same with everything in life. I can understand people being pleased with first uploads and sales and it's good to see some contributors encouraging new excited photographers here. It is good to encourage and it's good to be encouraged. There is room here for all people that can take images that designers want to use whether professional or amateur.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 20, 2012
Thank you all very much for your comments!
Posted by Egomezta on December 20, 2012
You're totally right... WHen I reached 400 images I started to get sales almost everyday, now I almost make $200 per month.
Posted by M4rio1979 on December 20, 2012
Good point :)
Posted by Unteroffizier on December 20, 2012
Stock site don't really work like the other free image sharing sites online. Buyers come here to buy an image they need. Of course basic technical qualities of an image has to be adhered but a simple image with a paper clip or pencil against a white backdrop are just some images people need for their publishing work or article. And when the same user had used one image of a pencil, they may be looking for the same type image with a differnt touch, approach or angle for his / her next similar article. Just quoting an example.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 19, 2012
I don't catalog them at all. Every time I downloaded the images from my camera, the software automatically made a folder and named it with the date. Then I chose the images that I wanted to upload to DT from the folder and put them in a folder that I put the images I've submitted. I also created a folder using the date of the day I worked as the name, each time I chose pictures. I don't name each image (The camera gave it a number by default, that way is the best way to track them.) I deleted a lot of pictures when I was choosing them, then I delete more when they were rejected. Always deleting, otherwise your computer hard drive would be full!
Posted by Jackbluee on December 19, 2012
You can submit it as Editorial image.
Posted by Jackbluee on December 19, 2012
Thank you, both of you! Fengai, I like your illustrations. I think you need more varieties to have better sales. Try to make some that can tell stories. Such as a few kids doing something, or a little adventure, a scene. Your artworks are mainly one still life or objects. They are nice but then the market is smaller.
Posted by Fengai on December 19, 2012
Good advice! This month I made ​​50 downloads from its portfolio. But my sales have not risen. I'm working on
Posted by Chanevy on December 19, 2012
This post is so realistic! I am happy for you that you are able to shoot so many pictures to be a cepted each time. I shoot a lot, but many of my images do not come out that well so they do not get uploaded. I am ok with that because right now I am experimenting and learning, so sometimes I fail with an image, but really it is a success because I learned something, even if I only learned how not to do it :-). I already have a job and cannot quit that, so if stock stops being fun I will not do it anymore. I might have to still come by and visit with everyone though!

Comments (13)

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