Viewfinder or LCD screen? Bet Cartier-Bresson would've gone LCD!

posted on 15th of december, 2012
>Just got the new Canon M shipped in from Hong Kong (no shipping, tax or duty charges!) and it has no viewfinder. For a lot of people, that is a big omission and it weighed heavily on my mind before I decided to purchase it.

I've had compacts before and they are ok but the screens are a little lacking in resolution and the same goes for the photographic output. The M promised to have the small, unobtrusive size of a compact and the power and quality of a DSLR...and, whew, it delivers.

I was fairly hesitant--I like looking through a viewfinder and feeling that sense of precision and command of what I am seeing. It takes some adjustment to rely solely on a LCD screen to compose and set up a shot. Luckily, the M screen is fairly sharp and the manual controls dial very accessible and precise. I was almost...

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Posted by Alamourus on January 04, 2014
No Wi-Fi on M! But most compact mirror less do now
Posted by Alvera on January 01, 2014
Same thought here. Don't know about M, but my next camera will be a small one and with wifi capabilities. I want to control it from a smartphone. I'm looking for a Sony nex with wifi. Do you have wifi on M?
Posted by Sunguy on December 18, 2012
I prefer and always use the LCD screen. This may be due to the fact that in the film era I shot mostly with medium format and some large format, which is composing on a ground glass screen. I find viewing on a flat screen more realistic as to what the final image might be.

Comments (8)

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