Night Photography – Shooting images at Night in low light

posted on 12th of december, 2012
Night Photography – Shooting images at Night in low light

Its Christmas time and if you are like me you want to get out at night and get some images of the lights this time of year. I did some research to help me get better at shooting Night Photography and I found some great info I wanted to share.

Use long exposures (time exposure). This makes sure you get enough light into the camera. You will need a camera where you can control aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds. You will also need to ALWAYS use a tripod when shooting at night for stabilization.


Tripod! Don't forget the Tripod! :)

Set camera to Manual Mode (M) - and don't forget to turn off stabalization (VR).

ISO: Unless you are shooting night time sports, use a slower film speed. This will reduce...

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Posted by Igordabari on December 13, 2012
to Pratik2440new: I can not be quite agree with you. I have some bunch of images in my PF that have been done with long exposures and bright light sources just in front of lens. I never heard that a halogen lamp can damage sensor, as you wrote. As for 'hot pixels' you mentioned, they can be removed easily by using 'noise supression' option (when shooting) or at the post-processing stage.

Here is an example of 30 seconds exposure (and my sensor is still alive :-) ):

 Railway night 
Posted by Suyerry on December 13, 2012
Thanks so much Igor, I really respect your advice! :)
Posted by Igordabari on December 13, 2012
No, Susan. I never made video, so have no idea how to shoot it :) I ment just photo, your section 'Setup...' where you wrote ...the higher the aperture the darker the image. So you will want to use a lower aperture.

Anyway, you have initiated an interesting discussin, so your blog is really nice and useful. I don't think you confused someone...


Comments (11)

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  Night Photography – Shooting images at Night in low light

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