First TIFF sale on Dreamstime!!!!

posted on 14th of february, 2012
Yesterday I had my first TIFF sale, and biggest revenue so far. 15 credits or 10.06$. This is also my first image downloaded twice. On first download this image earnd me 1.25$

This is my TIFF sold image

Also yesterday it was my first time that I have sold two images in one day :)

This one is my second sold image, but it was subscription sale, so only 0.29$ of earnings, but I don't is a sale :). Buyer searched for "golden pattern" when buyed this image.

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Posted by M4rio1979 on March 18, 2012
Thanks Miele...
Posted by Miele on March 06, 2012
Well done! Congrats
Posted by Dkidwell2012 on March 05, 2012
Let me start by saying Congrats C-: Next can someone please advise me on how this all works. I have submitted 2 photos, however I cannot find them. How do I know if they have been posted?

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Upgrade your equipment and save yourself some postprocessing time

posted on 17th of february, 2012
When I began with stock photography back in July 2011. I was using mostly kit lenses like my 18-55 and 75-300 kit lenses from Sony. I tought that this kit lenses will satisfy my needs in photography, since I was beginner at a time. Well to be honest those lenses was pretty good for me, until I begin to pixel-peep my images, or inspecting them at 100% magnification. As you all know, that is how DT reviewers inspect and aproove or reject our images, so you all now why is important that we do it also.

I have realized that kit lenses have some disadvantages over more expensive ones in stock photography. In my case I was having very much troubles with postprocessing in a way that I needed pretty much time to make my image to be acceptable for stock standards. There was a lot of...

[ Read more... ]
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Posted by M4rio1979 on February 19, 2012
Minolta 50mm 1.7 is my next lens that I will buy :)...excellent lens...and I needed it in a couple occasions, so it is finally time to buy this baby.
Posted by Jdanne on February 18, 2012
Llareggub: You are right that a good 50mm fixed lens is an excellent and relatively cheap starting point. I myself used my old the 50mm 1.4 D Nikkor from my analog time for nearly two years with DT. Very sharp but not optimal with chromatic aberrations. The G series is much better in this point. Since I have my zooms this lens is in the drawer.
Posted by M4rio1979 on February 18, 2012
thanks for your comments...many images here on my portfolio are made with my kit lens, and as you see they are accepted, but when I work with my new lenses, my God, I really started to enjoy in my image postprocessing which now includes only a few tweaks in color saturation, contrast and a little bit of noise reduction from time to time, and that is all...five time faster. I definetly agree that quality lenses are more important than high expensive camera body.

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