Members choice

posted on 6th of march, 2012
one of my pictures appeared among the pictures presented under the title "member's choice". Does it mean that it was really selected by DT members in some mysterious way, or it is just due to a random selection?
Nevertheless it is nice to see the picture not only on my profile:)
This is a picture:

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Posted by Artistashmita on March 07, 2012
i was always trying to look for the answer thanks Eliane! :-)
Posted by Ewamewa2 on March 07, 2012
So finally I got the answer:) Thank you, Elianehaykal!
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 07, 2012
My answer :D

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Holi celebrations

posted on 6th of march, 2012
Since the Indian festival of colours called Holi is coming, I invite you to see my pictures of colourful Indian powders:

Lets celebrate at least virtually:)

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Posted by Mariaam on March 07, 2012
Beautiful colors!
Posted by Ewamewa2 on March 07, 2012
Thanks! It is true, Birksphotography!
Posted by Birksphotography on March 07, 2012
I certainly hope you got the camera put away before those colors became airborne. Holi is a lot of fun and very beautiful but an absolute nightmare for keeping your clothes and equipment color free.

Great shots and happy Holi.

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taxes for Polish citizens - help!

posted on 6th of march, 2012
Please, Polish people, help me!
So there is a time to pay taxes. Last year I had only one and my first payment (188, 63$). How shall I pay the taxes for it? Shall I receive any document from DT? What amount of money should I present in PIT ($ or PLN)? Now I am a little bit scary...Please, help. I know there is a lot of Polish people here:)

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Posted by Davidwatmough on March 06, 2012
How much does your camera computer and data storage cost ? look at it as a business losing money which it is. David.
Posted by Ewamewa2 on March 06, 2012
really? dont you think it is risky? Though, maybe my 188$ will in fact not do much difference for Urzad Skarbowy
Posted by Zenonk on March 06, 2012
hmmm... I don't intend to put anything in PIT, just keep low profile ;)

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subscription sales only...

posted on 20th of march, 2012
For 2 months I have been having almost exclusively subsription sales:( It is so frustrating, really....Does it mean that it is not worth to pay more for my photos? What do you think about it?
these are the last ones (only subscriptions)

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Posted by Igordabari on March 23, 2012
Homydesign, where to find that RPI factor?

Just take your revenue and divide it by number of images in your portfolio.
Posted by Ewamewa2 on March 21, 2012
Thank you all - lets hope it will change. I know I should not complaint, but sometimes it is good just to talk:)
Posted by Meryll on March 21, 2012
It is just a bad luck, next month it can be much better! It changes...

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