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Font: OFL is better.

posted on 11th of march, 2012

This is an important post for all illustrator or photographers, and I decided to write it because I think it's important to know what I'll write.

It is not uncommon to use the font when we create images.

Usually we use fonts that are on our PC, and this is something "easy" because you may think, are fonts that everyone has on their PC.

But if not? What would happen? Simple: the picture may have some minor difficulties to be sold.

No fear: the problem can be solved with the OFL fonts.

The OFL fonts are fonts of free use. It 'simply download them from dedicated websites with its release, and we can use them comfortably for each project.

A font OFL is, therefore, free from any copyright issue. But how to apply all this to microstock?...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Gheburaseye on April 26, 2012
I rarely use fonts to create illustration. It depends ;)
Posted by Celiaak on April 26, 2012
That is the reason I avoid using text, or draw it myself (as the letters MOM from this images). I never know if the font creator got it from elsewhere and climed it as his own.
 Mothers Day Greeting Card 
Posted by Gheburaseye on March 13, 2012
Exactly Mariaam ;)

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How many Dorian do you have?

posted on 31st of march, 2012
Well, dreamstimer: it's began a new adventure in DT: find Dorian!

I tried to search him and I find 6 Dorian. And You?

Write Your number in a comment Here ;)

Comments (51)

Posted by Gheburaseye on April 04, 2012
Posted by Androniques on April 04, 2012
I am just wondering if anyone noticed when searching for the last four (from the map) that on the image page of the first found Dorian (retro-style image of a clown) there were all the other three - in the area of similar images. ;-)
Posted by Gheburaseye on April 03, 2012

Comments (51)

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