The crazy life of webmaster

posted on 10th of april, 2012
>24 hours online at all times pending business. Day and night typing code. The laptop... accessory that is already part of our body.
Ohhh ... "Neo" your legacy is a curse :-)

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Posted by Fantasyart on April 13, 2012
Thanks for your comments, Laurasinelle, Zenonk, Egomezta and smartview27 :-)
Posted by Laurasinelle on April 13, 2012
Ha ha, good one! and true!
Posted by Zenonk on April 13, 2012
hehe.. god one :)

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Searching the perfect balance of our lifestyle

posted on 11th of april, 2012
The problems and the stress = bad humor.

A flower and a child = happiness. Two states of mind.

The contrasts of our daily lifestyle in search of balance...

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Posted by Fantasyart on April 13, 2012
Thanks for your comments, Egomezta and Jdanne :-)
Posted by Egomezta on April 11, 2012
Good luck with your images.
Posted by Jdanne on April 11, 2012
Nice illustrations!

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Creating and producing illustrations

posted on 26th of april, 2012
I've tried various techniques to draw and create my images.
Draw directly with the wacom tablet and pen.
Using programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw to work in direct sketching.
Draw by hand on paper "the old fashioned way" and then scan the picture.

After dozens of tests ... the best way I found to work in production is:

Create your artwork using pencil on paper. In this way keep the freshness of the creation of hand drawing.

Then take a digital photo of artwork on paper.

And I work with a program of creation of vectors. Tracing and coloring the image.

This is the method that has given me better results so far.

I would like to hear opinions and experiences of other illustrators.

What is the best technique for you to create drawings?

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Posted by Djapart on April 26, 2012
yesi, i do the same way, tracing my manual hand draw from paper, and then auto trace or "re-trace" it on AI.. i think it become standard mode on digital design :D, because so far i can't find any other better way yet, early i think about using tablet pc to make my digital sketch, i hope i get better result after auto tracing it on AI. will save much more time isn't it?
Posted by Fantasyart on April 26, 2012
Thank you for your answer, Carlanichiata. I really liked your illustrations. Congratulations!
Posted by Carlanichiata on April 26, 2012
Like you I've tried various techniques too, but for me what works best is to create artwork on paper, then scan it and trace it with wacom tablet in illustrator.

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