The beauty of Yorkshire - York, Knaresborough and more...

posted on 17th of june, 2012
Hi Dreamers! :)

Today I just want to share with you some of the North parts of England, which is the true old England as some would say, because it is the surroundings of York - the ancient capital of Britannia Inferior, as proclaimed by the Emperor Severus. Did you know, btw, that the Emperor Constantius I finished his days here? And then his son Constantine the Great (Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus) was proclaimed the Emperor Augustus in 306 by the troops of Eboracum fortress (Latin name of ancient York).

Well, enough of ancient history, let's turn to my main subject - ancient and not so-ancient architecture and landscapes of Yorkshire area. Of course, York itself, with its Minster and castles ...

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Posted by Androniques on June 25, 2012
Yuritz, Thanks for your comment! :)
Ewapix, Totally agree with you! :)
Posted by Ewapix on June 21, 2012
Yorkshire is soo pretty! I am so glad that you wrote that blog and showed the images, which are very beautiful indeed. I have lived in England for about 15 years now and am constantly amazed and completely besotted by her beauty. Have you visited Lake District yet? It is very beautiful and picturesque. And the coast line? Stunning views almost everywhere you choose to stop. Cornwall? Gorgeous. And the rest of the UK - so beautiful too. Wales? Ancient castles and monasteries, sandy beaches, amazing forests. And everywhere you go you will meet some wonderful friendly people. Thanks for the blog and good luck with your beautiful photos.
Posted by Yuritz on June 21, 2012
Great pictures and nice places

Comments (12)

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