Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review

posted on 22nd of june, 2012
If you follow my blogs and forum posts, you know I've long been a fan of the Micro Four Thirds system. I'm a firm believer that for most photos or end uses we have reached a point where full frame cameras are an unnecessary expense (each to their own, of course!). I've been putting my Canon dSLR and micro four thirds bodies to the test over the last few months and they come out very close. There were a few things keeping me from fully committing, however. The Olympus E-M5, released in the last few months, has dealt with most of my hesitations. There are a few limitations (AF tracking being the main one), but it also brings with it a host of benefits as well.

The bottom line for me, was literally the bottom line. I found my dSLR kit to large too bring with me traveling and...

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Posted by 1000wordsimages on May 22, 2013
Nice to read your article. Its exactly the same thinking like me. I feel like I do more images then ever since I have the mirrorless camera. It gives me more freedom. I shoot with the Sony Nex 6. I know friends that also have a Olympus and they are all very happy.
Posted by Mikericci on July 13, 2012
@Bradcalkins Right now I am reaching for the E-M5 so nice to carry something so light but not sacrificing image quality . I find I am now taking my camera to work and getting shots on my lunch walks that i would have never taken before. I also find my self picking the d200 instead of the 60d unless i need iso over 800 but that was before the E-M5
Posted by Bradcalkins on July 13, 2012
Nice shots @Mikericci. I see you have a 60D, D200 and the E-M5 - which one are you reaching for when you head out?

Comments (12)

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