The most precious "piece of gear"

posted on 28th of june, 2012
>We usually have a spare battery, spare memory card, spare camera body, spare flash on hand - just in case something fails... But what if the failure hits our eyes? Unfortunately there is nothing like spare set of eyeballs... Hope this little experience of mine will help you avoid stupid mistakes...

Last 10 years I was feeling, that my eyes don't see so sharp as before, so years ago I visited ophthalmologist to get glasses... but the strange thing - non of the correction lenses we tried that day was correcting my unsharp vision, in fact it made it even worse. So I left with advice to get my eyes measured on some sophisticated device to diagnose it... but as I was able to see sharp enough to live and work I postponed, postponed and forgot... and left it undiagnosed... Until recent days, when thanks to...

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Posted by Grzegorz9992 on August 13, 2012
many thanks i must go.....
Posted by Iwhitwo on July 02, 2012
@ Janceluch, there is nothing that you can tell yourself in the early stages until the optic nerve starts to be damaged from the constant high pressure in the eye. The result is that you start to lose your peripheral vision first until if untreated you eventually go blind. There is a very simple test that can be done by your eye doctor that measures the pressure in your eyes and if it comes back high, you will be directed to an eye specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. There are also tests your eye doctor can do to check your peripheral vision that involve you looking into a piece of equipment that you stare straight ahead and then click a button when when you see pinpoint flashes of light all around your field of vision. In short, be sure to get regular eye check ups and be safe.
Posted by Janceluch on July 02, 2012
@ Iwhitwo, thanks for adding your comment - good that the things are under control with your eyes. Maybe you should add how to "diagnose" it - was there something that felt different than usual, something that can tell person, that this glaucoma might be his problem?

@ Alvera :) - were you looking with one, two or three eyes? - oh, wait a minute...

Comments (17)

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