High magnification macro photography on Dreamstime

posted on 9th of june, 2012
Macro photography is why I have started my photography seriously two years ago. World of insects, bugs, spiders. To be able to see such a small details of a small jumping spider, or a ladybug, butterfly, dragonfly or just a house fly, was very interresting to me, so I have decided to give myself a try with macro photography.

For a while I was amazed with 1:1 standard macro magnification which you can get with every standard macro lens. But still there are some subjects that are just to small even for 1:1 magnification, or they posses such a details that are not possible to see with just a 1:1 magnification without a significant cropping of image. Which then leads to very small image that can often be refused here. So if you don't want to spend a lot...

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Posted by M4rio1979 on June 15, 2012
Thanks Radub85. I use home made diffuser made of plain cardboard, and as diffusing material I use simple white napkin.
Posted by Radub85 on June 15, 2012
Congratulations. Beautiful photos. What kind of diffuser are you using, from what material is it made?
Posted by M4rio1979 on June 12, 2012
Thank you Ewapix :)

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My first 50 sold photos

posted on 18th of june, 2012
Well here it is...my first 50 sales on Dreamstime after one year and two months when I have joined DT.

This is my latest sold image of Pamukkale in Turkey. This image is sold four times so far and I think it is currently image with most sales in my portfolio.

I think this is pretty good result since I have less then 200 images in my portfolio. I'm pretty satisfied, and I will try to upload more and increase my portfolio size.

Most of my sales are images from my vacation trip to Turkey last year.

Altough, macro photography is my passion and lately I have uploaded some of my latest high magnification macro photos and in future I hope they will sell well.

Here are some of my newest macro and high magnification macro photos accepted.


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Posted by Laurasinelle on June 20, 2012
Posted by M4rio1979 on June 20, 2012
Thanks a lot Angelsimon
Posted by Angelsimon on June 20, 2012
Congratulations friend. The amount has increased to 51.

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TIFF sale...yeeeey :)

posted on 22nd of june, 2012
I just login today and seen a change in my earnings balance. It is because I have sold my second TIFF image. I remember I was in vineyard while I have taken this TIFF sold photo of old rusty nails. It really feels good when you have a bigger sale then usual. I would like to know where this image will be used. Buyer has used "nails old" keywords to find my image.

I got 10$ for this sale, and I feel great, specialy because my last six sales was subscription sales, so this is a boost to my earnings :)

Very happy, thanks to buyer and Dreamstime!

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Posted by M4rio1979 on July 08, 2013
@Doubleclick7...well I really cant anwser to your question about RAW files, since I do not upload RAW files. But I am sure that someone who does upload a RAW files will anwser to your question.
Posted by Doubleclick7 on July 05, 2013
@ Doubleclick7 - you just need to upload a JPG file...Dreamstime will make a TIFF them selves.

Thanks! For some reason I didn't get an email with the reply. I am still interested in the RAW question, however!
Posted by Doubleclick7 on July 05, 2013
I'm not finding information on uploading tiffs - do you upload a tiff, or do they "happen" to sell as a tiff? And while I'm asking.... is there any advantage to uploading RAW? Does it increase sales?

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