I am getting accepted but not the sales! help???

posted on 4th of july, 2012
Hi there,
in less then a year I have had 176 images accepted. we wont talk about how many rejected! I decided to go exclusive with DT, but I am starting to wonder if it is such a good idea. So far.. ive had only 10 sales! in 10 months that means one sale a month. I have read blogs, made friends, posted to face book, and re done key words. can anyone give me insight on to what else I can do? It is frustrating to say the least! perhaps I am just not giving the buyer what they want! any ideas?

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Posted by Inyrdreams on July 12, 2012
thank you mudplucker! made my day today...even! a small sale isa sale! how are things gog with you?
Posted by Mudplucker on July 12, 2012
Hello again Inyrdreams, i just bought one of your photos for my new software program.... only a small sale because i only use 400 by 300 pixel photos but nonetheless it is a sale... thanks for the nice photo, i just don't have my own models available.
Posted by Inyrdreams on July 05, 2012
cafebeanzphoto.. love your food and chicago photos~! studio work I did for 25 years.. with film~! 90% people and no idea where they are to get copyrite releases... drat. was mostly a people wedding portrait photographer.. so... no.. time to just start over and do it right in digital. for some reason.. the studio work I have submited they have turned down! had some really funny images with chocolate easter bunnies being decapitated... sigh... no sense of humor....!

Comments (18)

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