my first on-line photos

posted on 20th of july, 2012

photoed in Datang Furong Garden of Xi An city in shan xi province of China. may be most of you never come to visiti china before, but i hope seeing my pictures will arouse your desire to visit china.
Shan xi province is in the northwest of china. but i lived in a coast city named Hu lu dao which is in the northeast parts of china and near the Bohai Sea.

this photo which i took 4 days ago, and i hope you will love my city.
if you wanna pay a visit to my city, contact me. if i have time ,i can show you around.

finally forgive my poor english.thank you

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Posted by Igordabari on September 02, 2012
Posted by Yl413100419 on September 02, 2012
Nice images!
A good start!
Posted by Zenonk on July 24, 2012
Nice, congrats!

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Tour of the Ancient Capital City Xi An

posted on 25th of july, 2012
i am very sad that many photos were refused by dreamstime so that i can not present the whole scenery and beauty of Xi An.
Xi An ranks the first among the four ancient capital cities in China and it is the cradle of the Chinese nation, the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

the two photos reproduce the prospetity of the ancient city and the architectures are all artificial, you can see them in Datang Furong Garden in Xi An.

Xi An is also famous for the Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum and the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. it is hard to imagin hundreds of thousands of the Terra-cotta Warriors were all made by hands and what is the most stunning is that the faces of them were all different.

this is...

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Posted by Iloveharbin on July 25, 2012
Good work!

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