How to tie perfect knot on syringe needle? - Secret revealed

posted on 8th of august, 2012
>This image - I had it on my mind for a longer time - a shoot of a syringe with perfect knot tied on the needle - kind of "Stop taking drugs" concept... - but there was tiny little obstacle to solve - how to tie a perfect knot on a piece of fragile stiff and yet still hollow medical needle? It was clear to me, that I will have to do some Photoshop instead of twisting the needle...

But after that I came across some collage with 3D rendered metal pipes tied into knot and simply - it did not feel like real... I realized, that it is all about light and shadows... - the pipes were simply lit differently, than the rest of image - the position of light source, it's size and softness did not match the rest of scene... I realized that the shot of knot and shot of needle have to be done under one lighting setup...

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Posted by Heywoody on August 19, 2012
When I first started playing with 3D and, before I got access to proper modelling tools, I had a similar concept (no knot though) and made a syringe from cylinders, spheres, and a cone. It never sold much either but was a very useful exercise. In this case the eventual sales are less important than having the idea and finding a way to make the idea come to life - lots of positives in this story.
Posted by Ivanamedek on August 16, 2012
Nice done. Thank you for writing this blog!
Posted by smartview27 on August 15, 2012
Thanks for sharing !

Comments (19)

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