The world through a special lens

posted on 11th of september, 2012
Brett Critchley's portfolio is the portfolio in which you can find everything, from cars to sunsets, from people to pets, from landscapes to isolated. Open mindedness and long time stock photography experience could be the explanation for his portfolio diversity but that's not all. There's a secret to the camera that takes Brett everywhere and anywhere. It comes with a special, optimist lens that allows him to see the world and any subject as potentially special. To paraphrase Brett, you never know what awaits in front of your camera when you set out to shoot but you'll surely find something special. You may have not known this, but perseverance and willingness are Brett's middle names. He is that kind of...

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Guide to travel photography by Bogdan Mihai Lazar

posted on 20th of september, 2012
Mihai Bogdan Lazar likes traveling as much as shooting photos so his portfolio is an impressive collection of wonderful, amazing, quaint places you'd just like to see some day. Until then, check out his bio on the profile page to see all the places he's seen and showed us so far. Mihai Bogdan confesses that his secret when traveling with a camera is to make the most of everything. He enjoys the scenery while taking shots and the other way round. He makes sure to pack the best but lightest travel camera. He books the nicest accommodation that's closest to great places. At the end, he makes the most of his free time by not wasting it to post-process images that will not sell and uploads only the best....

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Posted by Perstock on November 09, 2012
Really inspiring!
And, a lot of useful tips :-)
Posted by Scottysally2 on October 20, 2012
Congratulation's on being Dreamstime's first contributor, wonderful travel images love your port folio. Thank you for sharing a lot of great tips too. :)
Posted by Dprogers on October 15, 2012
The very first contributor. Wow, well done :-) And my only extra trip for travel photographers - make people feel as if they are there and that doesn't mean always shooting pretty photos, if the place is disgusting, for whatever reason, bring that out in the photographs; if the place is dangerous, convey that in the photographs, and if the place is delightful, make it look like that. Make people want to visit, or not :-)

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