What a great big surprise, featured photographer :)

posted on 6th of september, 2012
What a big surprise for me this morning to find that I'm Dreamstime's featured photographer for the week:)

It really is an honor to have your portfolio showcased by such a fantastic stock agency and I really do appreciate this.

So a big thank you to DT and you, the whole community who makes this such a great place for us to share our work, ideas and grow as we all move forward together.

Here's to a great September :)


Brett, who is currently over the moon :)

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Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Little late, but Congrats! :)
Posted by Inyrdreams on October 05, 2012
nice job brett! I know i always enjoy looking at your portfolio!
Posted by BCritchley on October 05, 2012
Cheers Lenutaidi :)

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3000 Sales

posted on 15th of september, 2012
After joining in 2009, started uploading in April 2010 I have now just hit 3000 sales. A big thanks to all the buyers and DT for the platform on which we all showcase our work.

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Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Posted by BCritchley on September 17, 2012
Cheers Ian :)
Posted by Iwhitwo on September 17, 2012
Very impressive Brett, congratulations on achieving this great milestone.

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Keep an eye out for your images being used illegally

posted on 24th of september, 2012

I have today carried out a search of my images using Google's image search.

Found lots being used with watermarks and subsequently used DT's "report misuse" tab in the management area, you should do the same if you find infringements.

One blogger responded me today, apparently she's an author... here's her response:

"I pull all my photos from the photosite Dreamstime. On each photo there is an option, "click for comp image." I apologize if this is upsetting but your issue should be with Dreamstime, not with me. They are the ones who do not require me to purchase the image. I am just a small-time blogger. I use their site because I cannot afford to purchase photos each time I blog. Peace."

Well this is what we have to contend with as contributors, keep your eyes...

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Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Surgrn38 on October 03, 2012
i find this whole thing confusing. I am a buyer and new to the site, I cant understand all the lingo, I had to call the support team to find out if images can be used to sell, (as in card making). The site needs to make this very, very clear, royality free to me means - go ahead and use as you please. Unfortunetly, that is not the case. Ignorance is not an excuse, I had to call and make sure I wasnt using images illegally. Most people wouldnt go thru the trouble.
Posted by Mudplucker on September 26, 2012
Its really upsetting, but I believe water mark should include a sample, not for publication title. what do you think?

Hafakot: I agree !! I reported to DT (and provided the link) about someone on the website where you do stuff for 5 bucks advertising that he can get any 5 or so stock photos, any resolution for only 5 dollars and he mentions Dreamstime specifically as one of the sites he can obtain these from. There is no way he is authorized to resell them, but his gig is still on after a month so i guess he is there to stay ??

Maybe if the watermark said "Turn this criminal in and receive a monetary reward if they are successfully prosecuted" there'd be no thiefs left :)

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So you want to be a Macro photographer

posted on 26th of september, 2012
Ok, for ages I have toyed with the idea of trying out macro photography. Normally I end up leaving this thought on the back burner thinking it's a lot of trouble to photograph bugs. Any hows today I stumbled across this great video by Thomas Shahan's video on shooting bugs, his results are pretty amazing and would be a very good bench mark of quality to aim for if your thinking of selling bug photo's on DT. Many of his pictures can be seen here on his website : Thomas Shahan bug pic's.

This shot is not by Thomas but used to give an idea of the type of shots he captures.

Enjoy the video :)


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Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Good video, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Brianarbuthnot on February 15, 2013
Indeed,thanks for sharing this.Stunnjng work.
Posted by Jdanne on September 29, 2012
I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing!

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