Fun! And new ideas...

posted on 3rd of september, 2012

I love working for stock agencies, I'm thinking about doing this all time, instead of being a freelance illustrator, but... How to find new fresh ideas every day? Having FUN! :D
Summer is game-time and so: games! Not just illustrating children playing but making games for kids with my images. :)
Oh, I like this job So much!

Mazes, puzzles, educational games...

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Posted by Korat_cn on September 11, 2012
Do you work for microstock all-time? You have a great portofolio! A lot of images! more than 2.000! It's my goal for the next year, to duplicate my portfolio. I don't know if I can reach it but I want to try.
Posted by Onime on September 10, 2012
I like this job so much too ;) I made microstock ​​as the primary
Posted by Korat_cn on September 05, 2012
well, then... have fun! Do something that makes you happy and maybe you will find fresh inspiration :)

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Kids at the playground.

posted on 10th of september, 2012

Great! What a beautiful surprise, this image is so loved from buyers! I've uploaded it at the end of may and I've reached an earning of 107 $ today!

An estract of my earning page for image no 19361916.

Very very GOOD! Yeah! :D
If only ALL of my illustrations can sell so much! ;)
I know that drawing kids at the playground is a good way to make money so I have uploaded some of them. I love drawing children but with the growth of stock agencies I know that just one single child playing is not enough. So I need to create images full of life and fun. It's time consuming but at the end it sells good! And I have create a[link=] collection...

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Posted by Promicrostockraw on December 29, 2012
Congratulations, I am also looking for some great time here. just have started my efforts with DT.
Posted by Danienel on September 17, 2012
Beautiful, love it!
Posted by Yuritz on September 14, 2012
Great works,good luck with the sales

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Falling for autumn: new assignment

posted on 26th of september, 2012

It was a lot of time that I didn't sent an illustration for the assignment.
But this time, when I read the theme "falling for autumn" it put in my mind the reminds of an old illustration I did some time ago.
It was the preparation sketch for a big project about trees and fall season made by vector images for a USA ebook publisher.
That image wasn't choosed but when the vectors were published I thought that this first pencil image was really better than the final digital result... and I'm happy to see it on DT site now.

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Posted by Korat_cn on October 29, 2012
It's time for voting. Let's win the best one! :D
Posted by Korat_cn on September 28, 2012
thanks guys :)
Posted by Sanshams on September 27, 2012
Great drawing, best wishes for assignment.

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