Halloween Stock Photography

posted on 14th of september, 2012

One of my favorite seasons is coming up. Fall with its country fairs, crisp air, colorful leaves and of course Halloween.

Halloween has become the second largest celebration of year in America, after Christmas.
Each year Americans spend more and more on decorations, costumes, food, parties, candy even trips to celebrate this spooky, creepy time of year. This year spending on the holiday up 9 percent to $6.86 billion!

As soon as the back to school sales are over, store and vendors quickly sweep away the pencils and notepads and replace the aisles with orange and black motifs.

Personally I love the goofy, fun side of all the horror. Adams Family, The Munsters, the Haunted House Ride at Disney, Casper the...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on September 19, 2012
Thanks Wordplanet - You can shoot Halloween now for next year but I'd suggest working on spring and Easter. The magazines at the supermarket checkout have had Halloween images on the cover for weeks now. I used to work in the magazine industry and the lead time was about three months out from the issue date.
Posted by Wordplanet on September 19, 2012
I loved The Addams Family and the Munsters growing up. Great shows. Fred Gwyne once filmed a movie near my house when I was a kid. He was huge but very friendly. Gave us all his autograph.

Great selection of photos. I was thinking I better get some pumpkins and start shooting. You've inspired me as always. :)
Posted by Giannit on September 18, 2012
Great halloween shots.... i'll try to make the same...

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It's the economy stupid!

posted on 19th of september, 2012
I made these images with the U.S. election season in mind and the state of the struggling economy. Whether you're skiddish about the stock market, investments or your retirement account or if you're a fat cat with money stored in hidden offshore accounts, the idea of hiding money under the mattress or in the backyard certainly has occurred to a few people.

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Posted by Infokus408 on September 25, 2012
cool concept shots!
Posted by Peanutroaster on September 24, 2012
Clean and laundered.
Posted by Xinyan on September 23, 2012
All new cash...

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Stocking Christmas Images

posted on 21st of september, 2012

Summer's not even over yet and you're thinking about Christmas? Yup. In fact I might be too late already for Christmas images.

This year the Christmas buying season is bound to be much more compressed I think because of the big November U.S. presidential election.

But consider this. Yesterday I was in Walmart and the stockers were unboxing Christmas decorations. I was shopping for some Halloween props and I thought the picking were a bit slim and already they were putting up the Christmas stuff.

Basically the retail progression is something like Back to School, Halloween, Christmas, Clearance sales, White Sales (boring stuff like new pillows and sheets), Easter and then Summer stuff.

I'm thinking this year the retailers are hoping for the best Christmas season...

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Posted by Giannit on September 26, 2012
Great images....
Posted by Celiaak on September 25, 2012
Yes, time to think Christmas stock too!
Posted by Peanutroaster on September 24, 2012
Time flys when you are having fun!

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