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posted on 4th of january, 2013

Bad sales here became a hot topic. I had sales, but mostly subscription sales, so I did not make much money. I think micro stock companies are like dollar stores, you need to sell a large volume to make money. It is easier to open a dollar store then to open a luxury department store. That is why everyone can sell images on micro stock websites. To make big money, I think we need to sell images on the websites that charge a lot more per download. They charge more but maybe by selling higher quality images. I knew some websites charge more than a hundred dollars for just a small size image. They pay their contributors 50% commission. So their contributors make more money. A contributor there only need to sell a few images a month but still make a thousand. A photographer wrote on a blog and said he had 7 sales in one month. Among the 7 sales, the lowest commission was $170. Imagine, he probably made almost 2 thousand dollars for that month. What do you say? Do you want to have a dollar store or a department store? Some guys make triple of your money by doing the same things as you. What do you say? It is all up to you!

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Posted by Jackbluee on January 08, 2013
Thank you all for your opinions and advises!
Posted by Solidsdman on January 08, 2013
All agencies are seeing a decrease in sales. Those agencies that developed a department store approach are seeing less sales due to unsustainably high price points. Also, very few professional photographers make a few hundred dollars per sale. That's the exception. The average is much less. Don't worry about others, just continue to build your own portfolio and be happy with your earnings. My sales are consistent because I add to my portfolio regularly.
Posted by Bradcalkins on January 05, 2013
There is room for both! Tell us if the grass is still greener after you've been in the field for a while :)
Posted by BCritchley on January 05, 2013
Funny how the lack of sales and or money is always the agencies fault lol. Go to the greener grass and make thousands from a few sales.
Posted by Hanbaoluan on January 05, 2013
Feel here to make money and pay is not proportional, often pay labor than earn money big dozens of times, so it is difficult to make money in DT! . Here just hobby photography, recreational entertainment.
Posted by Embe2006 on January 04, 2013
I think that the lack of sales is a hot topic amongst people that have a lack of sales...
Posted by Peanutroaster on January 04, 2013
What are you waiting for? Go for it.
Posted by Egomezta on January 04, 2013
You need to upload many more images to start seeing results here. Don't be dissapointed.

Comments (8)

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