Images I can't wait to sell

posted on 22nd of january, 2013

The following images from my portfolio have tons of views but no sales. They sit in my list of most viewed images and stick out like a sore thumb!

Either they just simply stink, or they have great keywords but are not exactly what people are looking for when they come across them.

One thing is for certain - views do not necessarily translate into sales. Sales are truly the only indication of a great micro stock shot.

Here are my sore thumbs:

All on my top page ranked by views. Each with over 1,200 views.

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Posted by Wordplanet on January 28, 2013
You have a terrific portfolio and I'm sure these will sell soon - like most of your photos do. I especially love that smiling hot air balloon :)
Posted by Wordplanet on January 28, 2013
You have a terrific portfolio and I'm sure these will sell soon - like most of your photos do. I especially love that smiling hot air balloon :)
Posted by Laurasinelle on January 25, 2013
The images are great! Wish you many sales!
Posted by Peanutroaster on January 24, 2013
Thanks always looking to improve. I find the categories tough to shoe horn on to most images.
Posted by Psmpics on January 24, 2013
You have an amazing portfolio and obviously also spend a great deal of effort keywording your images – something I don`t spend enough time on.
I was interested to see how you categorized some of your so-called “top offenders”. For example for your Smiling Hot Air Balloon Character, “Business>Travel” and “Industries>Transportation” aren’t what jumped immediately to mind for me. On the other hand, because the majority of my images are from travel and not typical “stock-worthy” images, I have a hard time choosing more than one or two appropriate categories.
Many of your images that I viewed had a view-to-download rate that I can only dream of – e.g., for every two or three views, you had at least one download. Wow! Personally, if I had your skills and obvious success, I wouldn’t worry about the odd “offender”. Well done!
Posted by Peanutroaster on January 24, 2013
These are my top offenders.
Posted by Thanatonautii on January 24, 2013
Well , I think everyone has pictures like you, that they have many many views and no sales. I think that all depends on the buyers :)
I hope they will sale, they look nice to me!
Good luck!
Posted by Sunguy on January 24, 2013
I posted this similar reply awhile back.
I have many accepted images that have not sold, and wonder why I bothered to put them up. Then, suddenly, one of those will get two or three sales in a row. You can't predict these things. Patience, Grasshopper.
Posted by Jackbluee on January 23, 2013
Yes, very interesting! Sales and views don't have much connection. One of my images was sold in 3 days with 0 views. It is still 0 views after 22 days online.
Posted by Lenutaidi on January 22, 2013
I have similar problems with some images....but maybe in time will sell!Anyway,you have a great portofolio,amazing images!Good luck!
Posted by Peanutroaster on January 22, 2013
Thanks Cammeraydave - that would be "the Quotable Westie" now on Amazon. ;-)
Posted by Cammeraydave on January 22, 2013
Good luck with your book, hope it is selling well !
Posted by Egomezta on January 22, 2013
You have amazing images, good luck.

Comments (13)

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Photo credits: Edward Fielding.
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