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posted on 19th of february, 2013

If you are here and have another hobby or even two you must be demented [a serious interest in photography is more than enough ] ! I have been metal detecting for years looking for lost treasure and historic artifacts so on Sunday I went to a club meeting on a local farm and took the club chairman's picture and entitled it ' Great Expectations; metal detecting '. Latterly I have begun turning my photographic images into oil paintings and here I am working on a painting ( oil on canvas board ) of a beach scene taken on holiday last summer.

Other approved images for the hobbies assignment which I especially like are of a girl with violin and another entitled painting dreams which has a lovely blue aura. Finally the silhouette of a rock climber going up a vertical face is an excellent entry

I have often had rejects on the assignment submissions and damaged my acceptance ratio because of it. When you look at some images you are bound to think what has that to do with hobbies. The editorial process is subjective and we have to kneel and bow to judges decisions ! Be sure to study the accepted images by the closing date.............. you may have images in your portfolio suitable for submission. Remember there are prizes to be won. Good luck.

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Posted by Davidwatmough on February 20, 2013
Perstock thanks for that frightening explanation ! Your skier in the approved assignment looks great as well David.
Posted by Perstock on February 20, 2013
Thanks David!
Both my camera and myself secured with climbing gear, easy to get wet thou :-)
Also, as a crewmember I am hopefully working safe on the bowsprit and aloft.
I´am happy to present more images of that topic later...
Posted by Davidwatmough on February 20, 2013
Perstock I love your image ' view from the bowsprit ' how dangerous was that to get in position without dropping your camera into the ocean ? Thanks for your comments and I will now look at your assignment image. David
Posted by Perstock on February 20, 2013
Nice images David!
As a newbe I am happy to be approved on the assignment!
Also some rejections and still some images on queue.
I bet there are thousands of hobby images out there, just realized i got some also :-)
Theres an interresting ongoing discussion on asignment rejections:
Posted by Chanevy on February 20, 2013
I like your images. How nice that you took the time to point out the good work of others, too!

Comments (5)

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