Gear vs Eye

posted on 9th of may, 2013

I often encounter a question. Well, I am so sure most of you must have answered such question. You upload a good shot in your public profile and the next question will be 'Which camera?' Might be the most irritating question for a true artist :)

Well, better gears do help to create good photos but does that mean idea/angle/composition...none of these matters? If you are a good photographer you can take memorable photos even with your point and shoot. We have such an artist in India who is famous for taking amazing photos by his point and shoot and his photos get sold in some thousands bucks!

True that you need a longer focal length to shoot birds, more you increase that range more you get stunning candids of birds. Add a prime lens with that much focal length and hey! your chances are higher that you get a place in NatGeo page ;-) But trust me! I have seen people buying such huge gears and doing nothing with it.

What really matters is your eye! It's you who takes the photo not your gear :) Gears can definitely enhance your scopes. But in the end it's your eye and perception who decide how to use them :)

Even if you sell your photos photography is always an art!
I was browsing through DT pages today and really admired such few photographers who took these shots :) They are simple but lovely!

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Posted by Suebmtl on June 03, 2013
You are absolutely right.
What a great collection you chose... true art!
Posted by Mangalika on May 15, 2013
Posted by Egomezta on May 12, 2013
Very nice and beautiful images, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Jdanne on May 12, 2013
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Mangalika on May 10, 2013
Nice to see that you all think alike :) :)
Posted by Komar on May 10, 2013
Wow, all really beautiful shots you chose, especially the beautiful sunset on the beach shot ;-)
Posted by Vtr on May 10, 2013
I agree with you Mangalika, There is this famous saying "Its the not the brand of the wand but the Magician who does the magic" which is so true with photography. A good gear might have some edge but the photographers idea or thought behind the shot matters even more..
Posted by Lenutaidi on May 10, 2013
Yes,nice images!Thank you for sharing,Mangalika!
Posted by Mike2focus on May 09, 2013
You are totally right, Mangalika. There is obviously a minimum quality factor you must be able to get from your camera, but the creative part and compositional eye are all in your mind and heart. This is something you can't buy. This is something you must find within yourself. Thanks for writing! Thanks for inspiring me :-)
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 09, 2013
Thanks for sharing! nice images!

Comments (10)

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