To sleep perchance to dream-- ay there's the rub

posted on 24th of july, 2013

This post is written for newbies to simply relate some of my experiences with microstock.
When you have difficulty sleeping may I recommend that you create images in your head with a view to capturing them in reality the next day. Soon you will fall asleep.
Remember that many buyers are trying to illustrate an article in a newspaper or magazine .
One day my wife brought home a large 'gold' key that was on the point of being thrown out by a charity shop.
It immediately gave me the ideas ( at bedtime ) for images involving this object ' The Key to ' or another ' Faith holds the key'.

Key to credit which sold 12 times whereas the key on the card so far has only sold 2 times.
The key to happiness has sold 21 time and the key to Science which has sold 10 times
People in retirement may not have enough money so if they own their home go in for equity release . In consequence I dreamed up unlocking equity
Governments in Europe and America are trying to cut their budget deficits . This image so far sold only 4 times

Most of us want to win the lottery so another simple idea which so far sold 13 times is key to a win

Last week I tried five times to write a blog but technical problems prevented it appearing so I hope this time it does appear and helps a beginner in microstock. Pretty images aren't always the best sellers. Keep it simple as possible. Every picture should tell a story.

Comments (10)

Posted by Fredbro on August 14, 2013
I found concepts hard to find and to photograph. You seem to be doing it good though. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Egomezta on July 29, 2013
Great images I like them, good luck.
Posted by Onime on July 27, 2013
good blog. thanks for sharing
Posted by Suyerry on July 26, 2013
Great stock photos! Congrats.
Posted by Babar760 on July 26, 2013
My secret to stock photography is photographing things that I think won't sell. I'm 180 degrees away from most people so I photograph just the opposite of what I would be willing to buy.
Posted by Lenutaidi on July 25, 2013
Really good concept.Congratulations and thank you for sharing!
Posted by Rigsby8131 on July 25, 2013
Great concepts, perfect for microstock. I wish you continued success for the future.
Posted by Alvera on July 25, 2013
One click on Useful is from me :) Thanks for share. Have a nice day.
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on July 25, 2013
I see you've found the "key" to your success! K-
Posted by BCritchley on July 24, 2013
"Every picture should tell a story", could not agree more David :)

Comments (10)

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Photo credits: David Watmough.
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