Why I love mountains

posted on 13th of august, 2013

Hello dreamtimers,

What are Mountains? A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. Ok So? What is so beautiful about those landforms? Why so many people love the mountains?

Why hikers are climbing hours and hours to reach the highest peak? Why trail runners are struggling to finish a mountain marathon? Why photographers carry all their heavy equipment in the highlands just to take a photo?

It´s all about the beauty, the fresh air, the escape.

The mountains gather all the beautiful things that nature has created: lakes, rivers, flowers, trees, animals and the best is that you can find all those together.

It is the place where I am free, where I relax, where I charge my batteries.

I am at the office now and after I wrote this, my mind is far far away :) now I should go back to work :) Stop dreaming :)

But if you want to dream with me, here are some fresh pictures from my last escapes:

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Posted by Bluwarrior on March 24, 2014
I can understand your love for the mountains and nature. There is something very powerful in the nature,the way (positively) affect us.
Thanks for your post
Posted by Laurasinelle on August 20, 2013
Nice images! I also love mountains!
Posted by Lenutaidi on August 18, 2013
Beautiful images!I love mountains too...:)
Posted by Jdanne on August 18, 2013
Nice photos!
Posted by FabioConcetta on August 16, 2013
Nice pictures! I was born in the mountains ^_^
Posted by Egomezta on August 15, 2013
I love mountains too. YOur images are amazing..

Comments (6)

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Photo credits: Mangroove.
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