First Two Downloads - And On The Same Day!!!

posted on 31st of august, 2013

After a long hard struggle, I came close to giving up stock photography (altogether) before I got my first acceptance - "Slovenian Autumn Greens" (photo top left "from Slovenia") - late last November. However, I soon realised that - even after that major victory - the only way to progress was to put the effort in to begin to grasp the ideological shift stock photography required.

Almost a year after joining Dreamtime, it is hard to describe how over joyed I was to record my first two downloads - and both on the same day (photos bottom left "from Beijing China" and right "first downloaded image from Nigeria Africa")!!!...

I can now confidently say that, with hard work and persistent commitment to a dream, the seemingly impossible can be made possible...

So, a bit of advice to anyone who might be contemplating giving up - like I was... Never stop having fun (presuming that is why you are into photography in the first instance), never stop shotting with passion, never stop dreaming and... Don't give up!!!...

Many thanks!

Comments (19)

Posted by Treb999 on September 08, 2013
Congratulations on the sales, and I hope you have many, many more!
Posted by Edosaodaro on September 08, 2013
Ha ha... Thanks Nelson...
Posted by Tru9ja on September 08, 2013
congratulations, omo 9ja, 9ja no dey carry last.
Posted by Egomezta on September 03, 2013
That's great, congratulations.
Posted by Joe1971 on September 03, 2013
Posted by Gheburaseye on September 02, 2013
Congrats ;)
Posted by Edosaodaro on September 02, 2013
Thanks Martin! You have some pretty awesome shots yourself... Was that real lightening? Pretty cool!
Posted by Martingraf on September 02, 2013
Congratulations to the first sales and for sure, there are many more to come because what you are doing is awesome!
Posted by Edosaodaro on September 01, 2013
Thanks Christian! I checked out your profile... Very impressive!
Posted by Rigsby8131 on September 01, 2013
Congratulations!!! Good luck with future success.
Posted by Edosaodaro on September 01, 2013
Thanks guys!
Ovewhelmed with all you kind thoughts...
Feels like a welcome to a family...
Ha ha...
Posted by Famed01 on September 01, 2013
Very nice pictures!! Congratulations!!
Posted by Davidwatmough on September 01, 2013
Yes well done................ if it was easy everyone would do it and succeed !
With more people owning digital cameras it requires very good ideas and quality images in order to have a chance to sell your pictures.
Posted by Fengshang520 on September 01, 2013
Waiting is a pleasure!
Posted by FabioConcetta on September 01, 2013
Great images!!!
Posted by Haotian on September 01, 2013
Love that shot of the baby monkey's eyes. Hope the momentum continues for you! :)
Posted by Edosaodaro on September 01, 2013
Thanks Marinescu! Thanks Jdanne!
Posted by Jdanne on September 01, 2013
Nice photos! Congratulations!
Posted by Lenutaidi on September 01, 2013
Don't give up!!Don't stop!Congratulations! And yes, have fun! Is a waste of time if you do not have fun taking pictures!So keep uploading and have fun!Cheers!

Comments (19)

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Photo credits: Edosaodaro.
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