Whow! 10 photos soled in one day

posted on 2nd of october, 2013

Yesterday some subscriber has chosen 10 of my photos. It´s highly biggest dayly amount of soled photos I have ever had. Thank you.

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Posted by Davidwatmough on October 26, 2013
Very colorful.............. well done.
Posted by Maocheng on October 17, 2013
My number is two, I envy your achievements.
Posted by Mangalika on October 17, 2013
Posted by Customdesignonline on October 13, 2013
hey.. thats great.. but how much you have earned for those 10 photos :D
Posted by Filippa484 on October 09, 2013
Very good!
Posted by Thorken on October 09, 2013
Yeasteray I had also really good selling day. I soled 8 photos (subscriptions) :-).
Posted by Anicaart on October 08, 2013
Hi Thorken, Congratulations! It just goes to show, that if you keep at it, the sales will come! 10 in one day is pretty awesome! :-)
Posted by Thorken on October 08, 2013
Thank you all.

To Jormonago: Thanks. Yeah, and I was not sure to send it to Dreamstime O:-).
Posted by Johnnymitch on October 08, 2013
Wow, that's incredible! Hope you have more days like that!
Posted by Jormonago on October 08, 2013
Awesome! I love this pic in your portfolio by the way.   Face of a horse   
Posted by Cheese365 on October 08, 2013
Wow, 10 in 1 day - amazing! Well done and congratulations :)
Posted by Qin0377 on October 05, 2013
Posted by Infokus408 on October 04, 2013
congrats! and many more sales.
Posted by Davidwatmough on October 04, 2013
That's a boost for your morale........... well done.
Posted by Thorken on October 03, 2013
Thank you :).
Posted by Wimseyed on October 02, 2013
Posted by Oliver7perez on October 02, 2013
That is awesome ... congratulations
Posted by Alvera on October 02, 2013
Let me guess. Subs?
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 02, 2013
Very good, congratulations!
Posted by Famed01 on October 02, 2013
Posted by Lenutaidi on October 02, 2013
Posted by Joe1971 on October 02, 2013
Posted by Rigsby8131 on October 02, 2013
Posted by Marknem on October 02, 2013
Posted by Photosdl on October 02, 2013

Comments (25)

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