Animal lovers spend the day with your pets, don't forget the camera!

posted on 11th of october, 2013

Hi Everyone,
It has been awhile since I have done a blog, so here goes.

If you have been sitting around scratching your head for ideas of what stock photos to shoot, while around you your precious cat is doing somersaults trying to catch that butterfly that just flew in or you beloved dog is sitting bored and depressed because he wants more of your attention, then here is some advice.

Kick off your shoes,go out and enjoy the day with your pets, your beloved crazy,fun furballs, have some fun and enjoy life. But please, don't forget to take your camera.

I think that many people forget how huge the pet industry is. Pick up any magazine and you will find a photograph or illustration in it of a pet dog, cat, bird , horse or other loved member of a family. Or take a stroll down the pet aisle of your local supermarket, you will be amazed at all the different food,treat and health products and yes, all stock photos and art.

Or if that is not enough, go to your vet for a visit and check out his walls for the pet posters advertising the latest and greatest health prevententive medicines and treatments. Yes, once again, all stock images.

I am often asked what I shoot for Dreamstime. My stock answer (excuse the pun) is life! Yes, life! My looney, wonderful furkid pets are a huge part of our life and even go with us on holidays, so much of my portfolio is taken up with photographs of them as well as family and friends pets.

So I hereby give you permission to take the day off, go out for a walk with your dog who is dying for some time with you, have some fun and enjoy yourself. But please, don't forget your camera!!

I have only been a member of Dreamstime for little over a year, but have already sold over half of my portfolio. I only have 299 images uploaded so far and 165 of them have sold and I am almost up to $400 in sales. Go ahead, ask the question. What are my biggest sellers? Yes, you guessed. My pet photos.

So go and have some fun. Your pets will love you even more for it!

Comments (6)

Posted by Egomezta on October 14, 2013
Your images are amazing... Good luck.
Posted by Fallostupido on October 12, 2013
Lovely puppies
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 12, 2013
Congratulations, beautiful images!
Posted by Lenutaidi on October 12, 2013
Very nice! Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Mudplucker on October 11, 2013
I love the mother cat with her paw around the kitten ! and the Horsewhisperer too ! maybe I'll see if my cat is feeling up for some photos this weekend, thanks !
Posted by BCritchley on October 11, 2013
I agree with you 100% :) beautiful images by the way and I look forward to seeing lots more of your work on here :)

Comments (6)

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