Devastating Cyclone hits Coastal India

posted on 12th of october, 2013

A devastating cyclone, named as Phailin, has hit the east coast of India this evening at a speed of 220kmph. The storm will stay for 6-12 hours more with utmost severity. Mainly impacted states are Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. I cannot imagine the current condition of local people. I used to work at both the states and left less than a year ago.

There was deep depression through out the state for past two days and it was raining heavily. The eye of the storm made landfall at Gopalpur today. This is a most famous tourist spot because of its beauty and serenity. I clicked this fisherman's photo at Gopalpur beach during a photographic expedition. They had their slum just 200mts away from the sea. The nuisance has surely demolished their huts by now.

Most of the beautiful beaches have been impacted by the high-speed wind and waves.

As soon as the forecast was circulated, GOVT and disaster management agencies have evacuated the coastal areas and almost 4lacs of people were shifted away. The same state had faced a more severe cyclone with a speed of 300kmph in 1999 and the impact was huge! So this time, Govt and Indian army have taken all precautions preparing for a super severe cyclone. Rescue teams have been already sent with all equipments and food.

Power disruption and network failures have already occurred.I have so many friends and colleagues out there in both the states. I pray for their safety and wish the intensity of storm reduce soon! :(

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Posted by Mangalika on October 14, 2013
All thanks to God and Govt that my friends are safe and good! Apart from property loss there is not much news about death. Even 18 fishermen got stuck in mid sea as oil was finished in their boat. Army has rescued all of them too! A big bow to Govt and rescue teams...A very good example, established.
Posted by Jdanne on October 14, 2013
I hope that people there get all the support they need to overcome this disaster.
Posted by Egomezta on October 14, 2013
I hope everything solves fine to the people of India and southern Asia.
Posted by Mike2focus on October 14, 2013
I hope there is not loss of life from this storm. My prayers and hopes for safety go out to your friends and all the people of that area.
Posted by Mangalika on October 14, 2013
Yes Govt has done an awesome job! Property loss can't be avoided at the time of cyclone. But most people were saved! May be 1st time in our country specially when the storm was so severe !
Posted by Kkamlesh on October 14, 2013
I belong to Odisha and I had witnessed the fury of 99 super cyclone. Those horrible memories are still there in my mind. I was really scared this time as well, however the govt. has really done well in evacuating almost 1 million people and very well disaster management. But certainly heavy property loss is there and also some places have flood because of heavy rain. Hope everything settles down soon and normal life resumes.
Posted by Inyrdreams on October 13, 2013
i hope all your friends are safe and that the damage is not too great. MOther nature has not been nice at all this year, and in a area where tornados fire and floods have really hit us this year, when the government says evacuate, listen!

Comments (7)

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Photo credits: Ferdinandas, Barbara Reddoch, Mangalika, Paul Topp.
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