Jpeg 8 or 16 bit?

posted on 29th of october, 2013

Hello to all! I ask you a very simple but very useful information, do you think you can send the Jpeg 16-bit instead of 8 bit? The quality would be much higher! Thank you for your answers!

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Posted by Fallostupido on November 02, 2013
I don' remebrer where bit i' m sure that is better sRgb profile better for
Microstok images
Posted by FabioConcetta on November 02, 2013
Thank you.
Posted by Fallostupido on November 01, 2013
I don' remebrer where bit i' m sure that is better sRgb profile better for
Microstok images
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 30, 2013
Thank you for your participation, Igor and Alvera have placed another big question very interesting! Another question that I would like to make is how you set the color profile for your camera in sRGB or Adobe RGB? This I ask, then set the profile to Camera Raw with Prophoto or RGB. Sorry for the many questions ^ _ ^
Posted by Igordabari on October 30, 2013
But the big question is how DT can make a TIFF from a JPEG file

This is easy to do. The real big question is how perfect this TIFF is... :)
Posted by TMarchev on October 30, 2013
16bit have more colors.... but if source file is 24bit like TIFF or RAW. And on print no have a difference.
Posted by Hanbaoluan on October 29, 2013
Learn here, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Alvera on October 29, 2013
JPEG specifications: 8 Bits/Channel. Some medical devices work with 12 Bits/Channel but those jpegs are in grayscale. Bottom line: A jpeg file can not have 16 Bits/Channel. But the big question is how DT can make a TIFF from a JPEG file :) This is a well kept secret... :)
Posted by Wordplanet on October 29, 2013
The quality of your photos is lovely so I wouldn't worry about it, but I don't think that a jpeg can be saved in 16 bit - I think they are always compressed down to 8 bit even if you're starting with a 16 bit TIFF or other RAW file.

I'm right - check out this link:
Posted by Mike2focus on October 29, 2013
You can't save a 16-bit JPG out of Photoshop, it won't let you. Try it. Photoshop will throw a message at you something like "File must be saved as a copy with this selection" and then it will save the JPG at 8-bit. JPGs can only be saved at 8-bit. I wish they could be saved at 16-bit, because like Heywoody said, gradients and such look so much better at 16-bit.
Posted by Heywoody on October 29, 2013
I think the site only accept 8 bit but could be wrong. Where the naked eye can see the difference is where you have subtle colour graduation (e.g. certain skies) that look fine in 16 bit but can have horrible banding in 8 bit.
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 29, 2013
Some of you have loaded a 16-bit Jpeg? Dreamstime accept it?
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 29, 2013
Thank for sharing Lenuta ^_^
Posted by Lenutaidi on October 29, 2013
Hi, Concetta! Maybe this link is useful : and this :
Best regard,Lenuta!
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 29, 2013
Thanks for the answers, I explain my routine: I start from a raw format (Camera Raw) open (Photoshop) and work the image in 16-bit Tiff and Jpeg convert it to last, in this way the quality is ensured if the Jpeg was 16 and not 8-bit. I know that eye you do not see the difference, I thought 16-bit (best quality) I had more chance of selling to buyers.
Posted by Gheburaseye on October 29, 2013
Hi! There's no difference between 8 and 16 bits. I usually use gimp for creating jpeg and in this freeware there are not this difference. I read it on other software, like micrografx, but these are very old software.
Posted by Igordabari on October 29, 2013
Quality of the final image does not depend on 8/16 bit issue. For the final image 8 bits are quite enough. 16 bits are only needed to process photos.
Posted by Digikhmer on October 29, 2013
Technically speaking, I might be better. In the other hand, nobody will be able to make the distinction between 8bits and 16bits visually because our eyes can not see it :)

Comments (18)

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