Sandwich Day!

posted on 2nd of november, 2013

After the Bread Day, the Count Your Buttons Day!, Sandwich Day is here :D

I quickly put together this extra-kilos-inducing Delicious Sandwiches collection, hope you enjoy it :)

© Klikk (Help)

Do you know why it's called a Sandwich? It's after its creator, John Montagu - the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

© Ene (Help)

Did he create it because he loved food this much? Nope, it was out of necessity: he was a heavy gambler who wanted to remain at the table for long hours (some sources say it was for a 24-hour gambling event!) ==> he wanted a convenient way to eat ==> put the meat between 2 slices of bread ==> Voilà, the first sandwich!

Why November 3rd? It's the Earl's birth date.

By the way, now we know that the best day for Joey from Friends is November 3rd :) (for non-fans, his favorite food is the sandwich!!)

Comments (20)

Posted by Perstock on November 29, 2013
Good taste :-)
Posted by Elianehaykal on November 07, 2013
Thank you :D
Posted by Laqhill on November 06, 2013
How did you get soooo creative, or is that just a God-Given talent? Love your blogs!!
Posted by Mangalika on November 06, 2013
Tempting collection and great info
Posted by Elianehaykal on November 06, 2013
Glad you're liking this blog & collection! Don't you have any sandwiches to offer me... so that I add them to the collection?!
Posted by Egomezta on November 05, 2013
Amazing collection.
Posted by Mudplucker on November 05, 2013
I love toast !
Posted by Justmeyo on November 04, 2013
Very beautiful collection,now i am hungry too:))
Posted by Lenutaidi on November 04, 2013
I'm hungry, Eliane! Congrats! Beautiful collection!
Posted by Gheburaseye on November 04, 2013
Oh my diet! It's dying at the moment, when I see these delicious images ;)
Posted by Maxx71 on November 04, 2013
Hi Eliane, now that's a real yummy collection, I'm hungry already :-)
Sorry I don't have any sandwiches for you, maybe another time. Cheers
Posted by Physi28 on November 04, 2013
thanks too for the veggie sandwiches, am a veggie but also have a few kg too much! look great!
Posted by Elianehaykal on November 04, 2013

& also, kudos for vegetarian sandwiches (me being a vegetarian and all!)
Posted by Thorken on November 04, 2013
:-) I started to be hungry :-)
Posted by Cammeraydave on November 03, 2013
I love a good sandwich !
Posted by Lejoch on November 03, 2013
Delicious collection!
Posted by FabioConcetta on November 03, 2013
I'm hungry, great collection!!!
Posted by Inyrdreams on November 03, 2013
good collection and now Im hungry too! going to go make a sandwich!
Posted by Kezza53 on November 03, 2013
Wonderful collection Eliane.....yummy :)
Posted by Osmar01 on November 02, 2013
nice collection! They are very nice and ... tasty!

Comments (20)

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