Great times continue: Wonderful october 2013

posted on 1st of november, 2013
The show on goes on. I have wonderful times these days. All countings for october are the best: I have got three new models, soled the most photos (60, among them 23 in the best selling day) and it was accepted the second biggest amount of photos.

I just afraid that the good times will end soon O:).

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Posted by Egomezta on November 05, 2013
Congratulations, great job.
Posted by Laurasinelle on November 05, 2013
Posted by Thorken on November 02, 2013
Thank you all :)

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Fun with kids and paper

posted on 8th of november, 2013
It´s easy. Take big leaf of paper, some kids, teens or adults, make a small hole and let them get thru. The result is really interesting.

(Every photos with holes in paper you can see in the collection Thru the paper)
If it´s not enough, you can give them something into hands. For example music instruments.

And when is taking photos over, you can use the paper for lots of photos more. Especially kids are funny with the rests of paper.

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Posted by Laurasinelle on November 12, 2013
Really creative!
Posted by Maocheng on November 12, 2013
You have a big head
Posted by Thorken on November 11, 2013
Thank you :).
To Unteroffizier: No, it´s definitely not :-).
To Fengshang520: ?

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Keep smile, my little feet

posted on 10th of november, 2013
Taking photos with children is fun. They love to make new things and tries new ways how to be photographed. Once they tried painting their feet, they were interested in to try something more. And the result? Funny smileys on their toes and soles :-). (Tip: Funny feet collection)

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Posted by Laurasinelle on November 15, 2013
Nice images!
Posted by Thorken on November 14, 2013
Thank you all :)
Posted by Joe1971 on November 14, 2013
very nice!

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$1000 milestone :-)

posted on 12th of november, 2013
Today I have reached the $1000 milestone. This year is really great for my photography. I have got five new models, wonderful day sellings and lots of photos accepted.
(With this photo I reached the milestone.)

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Posted by Litifeta on December 12, 2013
congratulations. You are on the way
Posted by Hongtao926 on December 11, 2013
Posted by Oalkoholizmie on December 10, 2013
Congratulations! Well done :)

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