Krakow Legends part1

posted on 2nd of december, 2013

Wawel Dragon Legend

A popular version of the Wawel Dragon tale takes place in Kraków during the reign of King Krakus, the city's legendary founder.
Each day the evil dragon would beat a path of destruction across the countryside, killing the civilians, pillaging their homes and devouring their livestock. In many versions of the story, the dragon especially enjoyed eating young maidens, and could only be appeased if the townsfolk left a young girl in front of its cave once a month. The King certainly wanted to put a stop to the dragon, but his bravest knights fell to its fiery breath. In the versions involving the sacrifice of young girls, every girl in the city was eventually sacrificed except one, the King's daughter Wanda. In desperation, the King promised his beautiful daughter's hand in marriage to anyone who could defeat the dragon. Great warriors from near and far fought for the prize and failed.

One day a poor cobbler's apprentice named Skuba accepted the challenge. He stuffed a lamb with sulphur and set it outside the dragon's cave. The dragon ate it and soon became incredibly thirsty. He turned to the Vistula River for relief and drank and drank.

But no amount of water could quench his aching stomach, and after swelling up from drinking half the Vistula river, he exploded. Skuba married the King's daughter as promised, and they lived happily ever after.

to be continued....

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Posted by Kamell on December 09, 2013
Thank You :)
Posted by Opreaioan on December 09, 2013
Man, you should realy write a book or something. You got the talents, that for shure.
Posted by Fallostupido on December 09, 2013
Posted by Lenutaidi on December 04, 2013
Beautiful images and story!
Posted by FabioConcetta on December 04, 2013
Great story and great series of pictures!
Posted by Kamell on December 03, 2013
I am happy and thank you:)
Posted by Psmpics on December 03, 2013
I enjoyed reading this and viewing your lovely images. Well done!
Posted by Laurasinelle on December 03, 2013
Nice story!
Posted by Yorgy67 on December 03, 2013
Nice story... Great shots! One of the most beautiful cities! Thanks.

Comments (9)

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