Problem with Corel X6 in DT

posted on 6th of february, 2013
Last month update my old Corel X3 to the new Corel X6.
I am very happy with the results and the new features of this version.
But there is an unexpected problem.

DT not support the format "CDR" of the new version of Corel X6.
Suddenly my additional files began to be rejected by DT.

I noticed the problem today. And began the tedious task of deleting additional files and re-upload converted to the old version of X3.

Great job waiting for me, I convert over 140 files and upload them again :-(

Left the notice here in case another artist is using or exporting from Corel X6.

In order not to stumble with my same problem.


Final report: 12 hours after detecting the problem, I have managed to convert all...

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Posted by Eclecticelegance on February 10, 2013
wow, that sounds quite annoying. I use Inkscape, so... I wonder what the correct submission format is for that.
Posted by Fantasyart on February 06, 2013
Just save in old version format....

Exactly, Tmarchev :-) Unfortunately I did not realize before. But at least I hope this blog will serve to other illustrators no make the same mistake.
You have to be positive and find something good in a bad situation :-)
Posted by TMarchev on February 06, 2013
Just save in old version format....

Comments (5)

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Wow... Were accepted three of my illustrations for assignment

posted on 15th of february, 2013
I am very happy!

In February I went to the assignment with five illustrations and accepted me three.

It's my first assignment.

Thank you.
I invite you to vote for me, if you like my illustrations.

Greetings :-)

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Posted by Chanevy on February 22, 2013
Great job! Good luck.
Posted by Clearvista on February 22, 2013
Congratulations, nice images, good luck to you.
Posted by Joe1971 on February 22, 2013

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  Wow... Were accepted three of my illustrations for assignment

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