Many Gatherings

posted on 1st of february, 2013
Lonely guy watching the sunset and planetary alignment in a beautiful natural environment. Sun, stars, planets and moons in the sky and flock of birds flying to the horizon. I used that lonely guy theme before many times and this one is actually one of my previous works - needed a a complete renovation. Here it is with better lighting and details. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking...

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Posted by Keremgo on February 03, 2013
BCritchley: Thank you! Thumbnail creation is automatic as far as I know. If there is a way to adjust the thumbnail view I'd love to learn and apply it.
Posted by BCritchley on February 03, 2013
Great image but I worry about the thumbnail preview version, it's very dark and the guy is lost wearing black, will buyer see him?
Posted by Keremgo on February 02, 2013
Thank you very much Kerry!

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Tropic Shore - Vertical

posted on 1st of february, 2013
Vertical and more detailed version of my tropical island rendering. I actually never visited Isla Blanca and don’t know if there’s a place like this there but its just the result of an inspiration, my imagination and interpretation. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.

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Posted by Keremgo on February 03, 2013
Picstudio, Lenutaidi - thank you!
Posted by Picstudio on February 02, 2013
Beautiful capture.
Posted by Lenutaidi on February 02, 2013
Great image!Congrats!

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Thank You For Your Warm Welcome

posted on 2nd of february, 2013
I’d like to thank everyone who following and commenting to my work. I sincerely and genuinely appreciate for your unconditional support and encouragement. I keep upload my best work from 3D rendering, illustrations and photography here. Quality of this community raising the bar of my standards also.

Thank you all especially for your warm welcome. I never posted forums here before, because I thought it would be better to mind my own business but when I did I got many kind and supportive messages. Which are supporting and heartening.

And thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy what you see in my gallery.

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Posted by Keremgo on February 04, 2013
Physi28, Egomezta - thank you friends!
Posted by Egomezta on February 04, 2013
Congratulations, and welcome to DT, enjoy your time here... It¿s a great community.
Posted by Physi28 on February 04, 2013
true, the DT community is one of the warmest around ;-)

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I'm happy that this image approved!

posted on 15th of february, 2013
>Hello friends, I'd like to share that I'm really happy that this Blue Moon artwork of mine is approved. It's one of my personal favorite work and even though its simplistic, I've put a lot of detail and most important I've put my heart on it - which something I always try to do with my work. So, I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

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Posted by Keremgo on February 16, 2013
Hanbaoluan, Violetaa, FabioConcetta many thanks for your kind and heartening words! Means a lot :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on February 16, 2013
We see that you put your heart in this picture, composition, color, attention to detail, I like the reflections in the water and the emotion of light and amosfera magic!
Posted by Violetaa on February 16, 2013
amazing!keep going!...

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Another Happy Approval

posted on 18th of february, 2013
Since my multi-award winning artwork The Wishing Tree I rarely %100 happy with the results I'm getting on my 3D illustrations. The Wishing Tree actually made to the big international magazines such as 3D World, Advanced Photoshop UK, CG Magazine China and Digital Art Turkey.

However this recent work of mine became my own favorite :)

I even made the sunset version of it. And its approved by dreamstime editors which makes me also happy :)

It's good have some personally satisfying work on my portfolio after The Wishing Tree...

Thank you for taking time to read and I hope you enjoy.

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Posted by Keremgo on February 20, 2013
Thank you Karayuschij and Davidwatmough
Posted by Davidwatmough on February 20, 2013
Wishing tree is lovely. David
Posted by Karayuschij on February 20, 2013
Great works!

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