My 200th Image

posted on 4th of march, 2013
I am very excited to have my 200th image approved in my first 4 months here at DT.

About two months ago I had a accident and injured my back and was unable to continue shooting images with my camera, so I decided to give illustrations a try. Illustrations have aloud me to keep building my portfolio while I wait for my back to heal so that I can get back out and start shooting images again.

However, I found that I really love designing illustrations so even when my back is better, I will continue to do both.

Thanks DT, I LOVE this site!

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Posted by Lenutaidi on March 09, 2013
Congratulations and keep loading!
Posted by Infokus408 on March 07, 2013
congrats! and many more sales.
Posted by FabioConcetta on March 06, 2013
Keep it up, nice result!

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Found One of My Images

posted on 18th of march, 2013
I found one of my first images that I sold on a Christian Website. It was very exciting to find. :) I wanted to let others know that I saw more images from DT on there as well. So you may want to check it out, you just might find yours on there as well. Good Luck!

Click on the link below to check it out!

My Image On "The Stream"

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Posted by Suyerry on March 24, 2013
@Mike - Thank you - and Yes I did find it by using Google.

@Everyone - Thank you for your comments! :)
Posted by Mike2focus on March 23, 2013
Cool, Sue! Did you find it doing the reverse image search on Google?
Posted by Agaliza on March 23, 2013

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