Tax (Czech rep. - Europe)

posted on 2nd of march, 2013
I´d like to ask,how to handle my earnings while taxation.
I understand the system with forms (did already) and my earnings are beeing prooved under czech (Europe) tax system, but should I declare something in US, even I filled the tax form..(fill extra form each year..?) One more question.. Is the total revenue net income?

Thanks a lot for help.
(and sorry for maybe a stupid question..)


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Posted by Vennys on March 04, 2013
Thanks Tangie (Carmen) that is exactly the information what I was looking for. I like the DT community :)
Posted by Tangie on March 04, 2013
The form needs to be filled in only once. Should there be any change in your residency in the sense that you move to a different country, then you may need to adjust that in your tax form. The total revenue represents the royalties paid to you for sales, after tax deduction.
Posted by Vennys on March 03, 2013
Thanks Marian,I have the same opinion,I was just curious about others experience

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Model release general-purpose?

posted on 26th of march, 2013
Is there some general purpose model release form, which I can use somewhere else except for DT?

Thank you in advance for answers.

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Posted by Vennys on April 06, 2013
OK,I found what I was looking for...just with a bit more effort.

"You can use our standard MR forms or you can use any generic MR form as long as it is not especially designed for another agency or mentions legal jurisdiction other than US's or the photographer/model's country laws."
Posted by Vennys on March 28, 2013
Well the information is clear, but If there will be some link of another model release sample (pdf) it won´t be bad..
I´m curious whether it is possible to use it on another microstock site as well. Any ideas, opinions? Thanks
(my english is not perfect, maybe I´m missing something..)
Posted by Vennys on March 26, 2013
simple search won´t be a problem, but I wasn´t sure about the keywords...Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was looking for

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