My family hates microstock

posted on 3rd of may, 2013
>Well, not exactly.
I suppose I should rephrase my title to more correctly say, "My Family Hates the way microstock has changed me".
Yup, it has. I am changed, altered.
Microstockly-speaking, I am but a shadow of the man I was fifteen months ago. Like one of the Autobots of Cybertron I seem to constantly be shifting into another shape and form.
I am a transformer. I have been transformed...I'm Different.
My camera and gear, now permanent appendages, swing out from my carcas at a moments notice, ready for action.
"Not another picture!", sighs my wife.
"What the heck are you taking a picture of?", she wonders, standing by my side, staring to the ground below unable to comprehend what is there that makes a photo. Then, shaking her head in absolute disbelief that anyone would want a photo of ice....

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Posted by Enviux on December 12, 2013
Love this post. Even as a MicroStock Noob I can relate. This week alone has been a transformation. I have always been the photo-guy at get together events but have always had the latest point an shoot equipment. Monday evening I received my first real DSLR. Four days later I am 400 pictures in, about 80 keepers, 20 micro stock worthy, 9 currently submitted. No pictures of the bathroom yet, but I briefly contemplated one the other day. Yours with the wet floor sign is superior to the one I passed on. Transform away.
Posted by Celiaak on May 25, 2013
Loved it, laughed a lot and could tottaly relate to it. Now I just cant pass an unacceptable photo.
Posted by Lsantilli on May 23, 2013
interesting blog

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700 Reasons for backing up your computer.

posted on 22nd of may, 2013
It happened again.
For the second time over the course of many, many years, I've suffered a hard-drive failure. The poor 500GB drive on my desktop unit, after enduring years of endless spinning and whirring,and for reasons unknown to me, passed on. And with much sadness and horror, having done so, took with it a ton of data to a now invisible and inaccessible land of 010111011000's.
The real headache however, is that this drive was my 'photo' drive, and upon it were written tons of photos. Countless numbers of family and friends photos, personal interest photos, artsy-fartsy photos. And most importantly, for the purposes of this blog...revenue generating stock photos! At the time of writing this, near 700 of them. Photos shot, reviewed, selected, painstakingly adjusted, massaged,...

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Posted by Daddiomanottawa on May 28, 2013
Hi Robflyyn,
yes. I'd like raid also, has some other advantages as well.
A tiny bit slower on write but can have faster read speeds and so on.

In my case, most important to me, I wanted a backup that was kept in a separate and different location than in my home. Hence my solution.
Any backup is better than no backup.
For those who don't backup in some kind of manner, no backup will get you one day.
Posted by Unteroffizier on May 25, 2013
In the past we have PCI SCSI cards to host multiple drives running on RAID. Later improved SATA interfaces, SATA drives became mainstream and were made very reliable for general purpose applications. I do backup my files to an external drive say like once in a week. But whenever I have some photo shoots or get some important files off my computer, I will back up immediately no matter if its in the middle of the week or not.
Posted by Treb999 on May 23, 2013
I don't think you're paranoid. I have four external hard drives, and backup everything. Loosing images forever isn't fun, I lost a drive once and once was enough! I look at backup as an essential part of photography.

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