Shocked To Win the Dreamstime Assignment

posted on 8th of may, 2013
>I like participating in the DT Assignments, it challenges you to do photography outside of your usual comfort zone and I think it's a great way to gain exposure because your accepted images become part of a unique collection.

In past assignments I had images that I thought were much stronger but would rank low in the final results. So it was a big surprise to have won the Spring Cleaning assignment. I was content to have an accepted image within the collection as I didn't think my image was much of a contender compared to many of the other entries. I did try to do something a little unique beyond generic cleaning but I will probably drive myself crazy trying to analyze the voting. :-)

Either way, I must thank the DT community for taking notice, I appreciate it very much. I guess it just goes to...

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Posted by Cteconsulting on June 01, 2013
You definitely shouldn't be shocked. You do great stuff. Congratz! Well deserved.
Posted by Melonstone on May 29, 2013
Well deserved & a great concept shot!
Posted by Gheburaseye on May 21, 2013
Very nice image! Congrats and....pass me Your lucky ;)

Comments (38)

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How To Gain "Exposure" and It's Not What You Think!

posted on 25th of may, 2013
>I've learned a few things about "Exposure" over the years. When you first start, the thinking is you need to get your name out there. You want to maximize the options for people being able to find your work and generate sales. All you have to do is be discovered for the genius you are and the rest will take care of itself, right?


I was first published in 1974, which was a cartoon in a magazine. Did you catch that? NINETEEN-SEVENTY-FOUR. Thus began my career as an artist. Over the years I've done freelance drawing, watercolor and oil painting and of course, photography. I also graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science.

It was a completely different world in the Eighties and Nineties when trying to sell yourself. It involved a lot of writing letters and submitting material....

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Posted by 4snickers on November 04, 2013
What a great, well written article filled with excellent advice! I too have gone to classes where the "Teacher" should have been in the class instead of up front! Nothing like wasting you time & $$. There really is a great deal of EGO out there as with anywhere! You just need to know who to talk to, whom to trust and always look at your own work with a super critical eye! It takes time, practice and growth! Don't be discouraged, keep at it and learn if photography is your passion it is So Not work!
So glad you made featured contributor this month! Congrat's and keep up the great work!
Posted by Bluwarrior on June 16, 2013
Interesting article.Yep people will find you I you do good work (but in this case You/we will a great number of images(because in fact they are sold like peanuts...even when they are "good work"). But I also have seen good crap with big sales!.... (-:
Thanks 4 ur post

Posted by Silvastrings on June 13, 2013
Really insightful and brilliant post Wisconsinart!! In reality 90% of my portfolio is CRAP, but i'm striving with each photograph or illustration to have less of my ego and more good concepts. You have motivated me to strive even harder. Thank you.

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