NEW! Options for Publishing Your Own Book!

posted on 8th of july, 2013
Have you ever tried publishing your own photography in a book? I have. The traditional way is to submit a proposal to a publisher and hope there will be an interest for your work. That was a door slammed in my face. Brick and mortar publishers want material that will appeal to the masses while having low printing costs. Photography is very subjective and usually targets small audiences. In addition, publishing physical books with enough quality to do justice for images is expensive.

Most of you probably know about print-on-demand (POD) services such as and, just to name a few. I've used these services to print very nice books from a vacation. One book cost me $106 and the photography came out great. But it was for personal use. No one is going to buy a book...

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Posted by Haotian on August 08, 2013
Thank you for your information especially regarding cost. :)
Posted by Extrared on August 07, 2013
Great information. This will help me with a project, too.
Posted by Clifhaley on July 29, 2013
This is a very informative and useful post, Wisconsinart! Great work.

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The Kung Fu Master of Stock Teaches Grasshopper About Social Media

posted on 29th of july, 2013
>"Here, Grasshopper," said the old Master of Stock Photography, "Take this hammer."

At his command, Grasshopper obediently took the hammer and began to follow the instructions of his Master.

"Clasp both your hands around the handle. Good! Now hold the hammer down and below your waist. Make sure the flat part of the head faces away from you."

Grasshopper looked up into the old mans face. "What are you going to teach me today, Master?"

"Today, young Grasshopper, we are going to learn the TRUTH about Search Engine Optimization and how to promote your portfolio. Now... when I wave my hand, I want you to quickly bend your elbows and swing the hammer up as fast as you can."

Master paused and stood very still. Then suddenly, without warning, he...

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Posted by Seawatch1 on August 15, 2013
The Earth is round? Since when? Keep it up and you'll be excommunicated. And as we all know, the solar system revolves around the Earth.

Some people just can't be taught because they are so busy defending their position they don't see the facts.
Posted by Wisconsinart on July 31, 2013
@Montylola, good to see you're paying attention. There are limits to everything, but think about it. If you try to find your image with the LESSER keywords, there are going to be way too many other images out there that rank higher.

So it's one reason why STRONG keywording is important. And to "hammer" the point more, Likes, Tweets, and Pins aren't going to lift an image high enough in the rankings if someone uses your secondary keywords. Strong keywords will always trump Tweets.

My goal here is to demonstrate how Google really works and to help Contributors use their time wisely. Myth-busting is a difficult task because I know many people out there are going to be in denial with this topic. Even after proving the earth is round...
Posted by Montylola on July 31, 2013
I think we are ALL missing something here, all the images that you searched for and found were using the title of the image NOT any of the keywords in the keyword list it would be good to see the results of your searches if you used individual keywords.

Of course you are going to find your images by doing a title search. But unless the people looking for images actually puts in the exact words of your images they will not be found. If they miss out one word a whole load of other images are returned.

I really like the post though very informative and something that I agree with totally.

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