In memory of killed during 2010 Moscow Metro bombings

posted on 2nd of april, 2010
It was a normal day...I had to be in university at 8 but our first lecture was actually canceled so i went out of home at probably 8-30 a.m. Im studying on Park Kultury - second bombed station...My girlfriend called me and said that there was an explotion but i was already in the metro, 4 stations before Park Kultury...When i arrived there was only blood and the HUGE crowd...When i went outside the metro the street was full of journalists, cops, emergencys.... At least 39 people were killed, and over 100 injured...Of course we know the name of the leader of terrorists coz he claimed responsibility for ordering the attacks, in a video released on the internet. He said the attacks would continue in Russia...we have to stop this...

We will always remember those who were killed...


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Posted by Joezachs on April 28, 2010
A very tragic thing that is spreading all over the world.
Killing unarmed and innocent people is not the answer to anything.
Posted by Andreygorlov on April 10, 2010
Thanks...yeah and you better not ride the subway...Take a car or's really gettin out of hands
Posted by Visceralimage on April 09, 2010
Andrey; Thanks for posting this. I work most of the time in Russia; I have many friends and loved ones in Russia. My heart is with you all during this troubling time. I will return to your country July 2.

Comments (12)

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