Populus tremuloides

posted on 5th of october, 2009
We started burning this week so I decided to go up on the mountain for more firewood. I found four or five dead aspen trees near Robinson Reservoir. It made a pretty good truckload. One funny thing was that aspen leaves were falling into a thick layer of subalpine fir. The fir needles were lush and green, but they were also profusely decorated with aspen leaves. It made it seem as if the fir trees were growing both needles and leaves.

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Posted by smartview27 on October 06, 2009
Great! I made a few photos with this tree in this sunday!

Posted by Creativei on October 06, 2009
Nice place and good shot
Posted by Hlehnerer on October 05, 2009
Peaceful place - Beautiful image!

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Thinking of Zane Grey

posted on 6th of october, 2009
I was thinking about this quote from Zane Grey today: "Utah was far west and a wilder country than that he had roamed for years. He liked the looks of it, the long reaches of wasteland, the vast vulge and heave of the ranges, the colored walls of stone, the buttes standing alone, and the red and black mystery of the mountains." --Robber's Roost, 1932.

Zane Grey's Robber's Roost was set in the brakes of the Dirty Devil River east of the Henry Mountains. Evidently, Grey's protagonist felt the way I do. I, too, like the looks of it, the empty badlands, the silent mountains, and the dry washes.

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Posted by Wildmac on October 11, 2009
I like reading westerns. A good book can transport you to another time and place. Just what is needed sometimes.  Sunset Cowboy 

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