Photographers shouldn’t do sports

posted on 1st of august, 2007
>Lately, many of my photographing friends tell me they go to the gym to work out. Sure, sure, obesities is a big problem world wide, and exercise is one way to loose weight. I know all that, and yes, I could with a couple of pounds less myself. Fair is fair.

But hey, come on! Summer’s here! Who needs the gym? There is a world out there, you know? And this world wants you. And it wants your camera. We all know that the normal world hides pretty pictures. It’s up to you to go out and find them. Leave your car at home. Yes, youcando that, don’t be afraid, your car won’t blame you. Take the bike. Bicycle that is, not your motorbike! Or go by foot. Slow travel gives you time to actually look at the world. That is the way to discover these hidden pretty pictures.

By the way, did you know that burning...

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Posted by Webphoto99 on May 26, 2011
I'm A Sport Photographer, I do a lot of motorsport, Waking round the track with my 2 x Canons with large lens, I can say i have had a good workout...
Posted by Lindigo on August 01, 2007
hum... what about sport photographers?

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See your hometown through the eyes of a tourist

posted on 5th of august, 2007
>Ever wondered why most tourists make crappy pictures? There’s loads of reasons, like lack of experience, lack of photographic talent and so on. One reason in particular I would like to address here, and that is timing.

Tourists are bad timers. They arrive at a location in the holiday season, when the location is packed with tourists and the harsh light blows out the skies on many holiday pictures. Why can’t they just wait ‘till the light is better and all the tourists are gone? Simple, they the tourists, and when the tourists go, they go. By definition. Period.

Sure, some tourists are lucky enough to catch a day with a nice sky, and some are even wise enough to visit hotspots on not-so-hot times of day. But most of them get there on a guided tour, and bring their own obstacles (i.e. their...

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