21,000+ sales after 4 years at DT

posted on 1st of june, 2013
>Wow, where does the time go? It was May 5, 2009 when I joined Dreamstime. It was October of 2010 when I last updated my sales. At that time, I had 4653 images with 8500 sales, which I think was pretty good for the first 18 months here at DT.

Fast-forward 2 1/2 more years and here we are. I now have 6270 images online with 21712 sales.

I've only added 1617 new images these past 30 months, so it's obvious that I have not been drawing as much as I used to. My other client work has taken me away from my mass-drawing abilities, but I do try to keep adding new images as often as I can. I'm sure the majority of you can relate how tough it is to keep adding to your portfolios while tending to other real-life things.

But, I do encourage everyone to try to add what they can - when they can. It all...

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Posted by Martingraf on June 21, 2013
congratulations - average of 125 uploads per month over 4 years speaks for itself - sounds like you like what you are doing :)
Posted by Hongtao926 on June 19, 2013
Posted by Cteconsulting on June 12, 2013
Thanks all. Anubis911, no, there is nothing in particular that I have done to promote my images. I mostly try to continue to add illustrations based on things and ideas that are not already in my portfolio - many of which come from my day-to-day real life experiences. For example, I had a heart problem last year (all good now so no worries), but that prompted me to draw a variety of heart-related items. I recently took my new puppy in to get his first shots and that inspired me to draw the Veterinarian symbol and some dog-walking illustrations. I recently bought some solar panels for my home and that inspired me to draw home-energy related illustrations. So, I just continue to try to add items to my portfolio that add value for what a buyer might be looking for. I think my images sell themselves simply because I'm always adding a variety of new ideas/illustrations to my portfolio which increases its value and expands my portfolio to more potential clients to download. In addition...(More)

Comments (39)

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