posted on 26th of march, 2012
When modern, digital HDR photography hit the scene a few years back, it quickly became all the rage. It was now an easy prospect to capture gorgeous sky-scapes and dramatic still life images; balanced lighting was not just the arena of the pro.

But is it just me, or has it gone way too far? I am really getting tired of HDR these days... so many photos look "over-Photoshopped" and lose any veracity, in my opinion.

What happened to capturing an image they way it actually appeared? Is there going to be an HDR backlash?

Your thoughts?

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Posted by HongChan001 on March 27, 2012
To use or not to use .....): ....?????.
Posted by Baldas1950 on March 27, 2012
HDR is a new scientific technique to treat the photos aimed to increase color performance of an image. So it is a "tool" and as all the tools it can be used well or misused, especially by those who are not sufficiently aware of all the features.
My feeling is that in a picture is more important the content than form. The form should only aim to value more the content.
Posted by Marugod83 on March 27, 2012
I have the same opinion as Igor has. Another argument it is that you can choose who much surrealistic effect you can give to the picture and actually, with the help of HDR technique you can create a realistic picture by not having too much over or underexposed zones.

I'm still learning to create HDR images.

Comments (6)

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