Send Summer scaffolding to the scaffold!

posted on 2nd of august, 2009
>OK, so this is a rant which will have absolutely no affect whatsoever but I think I need to shout it out anyway. This will be like farting against a hurricane but I'm sure some of my fellow photographers will see my point - and have maybe even been in the same situation.

What is it with prime tourist destinations and scaffolding? Why do cities that market themselves as summer destinations in Europe insist on scaffolding nearly all their major national treasures during the summer holiday and not afterwards in the winter when mostly only the locals are around?

I get that the vast majority of tourists are not too concerned about having huge construction extravaganza plastered across their holiday snaps. Afterall, before I became passionately obsessed with stock photography, I wasn't particularly concerned...

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Posted by Ratmandude on August 08, 2009
It is just soul destroying that after a year of savings the end result was as you discovered.
I will be wary of this experience, before I go and do the same … Thankx 4 the heads up.

Next holiday … plan for a place that doesn't have all the places to "clean".

The way that I approach it"
Seems like the best thing when it comes to "stock photography" rather not to "expect" some good shots, and just concentrate on your holiday/event.

Always have a blast … and if the opportunity presents itself, then snap away …
That way, when the pics are taken they may also leave you a little surprised with the results, as you were way more relaxed when taking the shots.
Posted by Keki on August 02, 2009
Totally agree!! here in Malta it's madness too!! at least you got a good holiday though :)

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