Illustration or photography?

posted on 3rd of april, 2013
I'm in love with photography.I see myself running around with a camera even when I'm really old, but when it comes to stock I have realized that illustrations also sell very well. I have seen many illustrations and many photographs that sell very well and I've been wondering which ones are really preferred by buyers. In my case, I'd say that the inbetweens are my bestsellers.Two of my most popular pictures are photo-manipulations :

I wanted to test this theory so here is my Green business illustration, inspired by the photograph from above :) I don't expect to sell it quickly, the result should be visible after a few months.

What about you? What do you prefer/sell? Illustrations or photographs?

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Posted by Gheburaseye on April 29, 2013
It's always a good question! I'm an illustrator and I create only illustration, but the world around me is full of photographs, so I think they sell better than illustration!
Posted by Fotografipro on April 25, 2013
Always an interesting question. There is a distinct difference. I am very old school professional photography and stick with it. I tried this illustration stuff but just got tired of basically messing with my work which sells very well as it is. However, as your work shows, the results of messing around with images pays off for some and the results are quite stunning. For me to do it now you'd have to glue me down in front of my computer.
Posted by Suyerry on April 06, 2013
I do a little of all three (illustrations, mix, photographs) but I am just a beginner. However, they seem to all sell equally so far. I guess its like Midou3 said, "suitability of the picture to fullfill the buyers need."

Comments (15)

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