Taking a look at old shots for new stock

posted on 8th of september, 2011
In the last 3 years on Dreamstime I have shot over 40k shots and only have ~200 online. With that I mind I decided to look at some of my old shots from my externals I have almost a full TB of shots that haven't been looked at since the day they were shot.

After just a quick glance over a few of the folders I realized a couple things.
1. Alot of what I shot was absolutely garbage but it did teach me important lessons
2. Out of a random folder with 400 shots in it I only and only 17 had any sort of custom setting (I only shoot raw and use bridge for organization)
3. Even though there are alot of bad there are a lot of good

With that In mind I have started to look back and have found a couple of great shots so far.
This was from about 3 years ago, until i saw it last week

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Comments (6)

Posted by Jdanne on September 11, 2011
Thanks for sharing! Looking back at old photos with grown experience made me find nice pics which I had overseen the first time.
Posted by Halient on September 09, 2011
I will do that when i get home tonight, if anyone wants to add images to my collections post here and ill add them
Posted by Kphotos6411 on September 09, 2011
This is inspiring because we now have 23online but 110 refused and we are not beginners. Would you please consider adding 21028176 to your Food and Beverage Collection? My Portfolio has several other food images if you are interested. Again, thanks for your comments.[imgr]http://www.21028176[/imgr]

Comments (6)

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